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3 CBSSports Unique PPR fantasy football league openings (IDP,Keeper, 1 (1 Viewer)


Hello, I have openings for 3 CBSSports unique PPR fantasy football leagues for the 2013 season.

1st League: Saturday, August 24 IDP league, $150 buy-in, 8 openings remain! Win up to $900 in prizes!

2nd League: Tuesday, August 27, 16-team league, $100 buy-in, 6 openings remain! TE PPR 1.5 with Free Agent bidding!

3rd League: Sunday, Sept. 1, 12-team league, 1st year keeper league, keep up to 3 players each year, $125 buy in, 8 openings remain!

If interested in any or all of these leagues, email brian.harwood@twc.com today!


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