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3 openings for MWC/AAC college league (1 Viewer)


I'm starting a 10 team Dynasty league that includes the Mountain West and American Athletic (formerly Big East) conferences. There are 22 teams between the two, so a 10-team league should keep a good balance between real and fantasy teams. Four more teams are expected to join the AAC by 2015 so we could grow to 12 teams if needed.

This is a dynasty league where you keep your players until they graduate or get kicked off their team. There will also be 2 Redshirt slots where you can stash freshmen for future years.

Here are the schools in each conference if you've had trouble keeping up with realignment:



I've already got 7 people from a some other leagues I run, but I still need 3 more. Draft will be held in late July or early August probably.

The cost is $10 to pay for the CBS Sports hosting fee. Looking for active owners who are in it for the long haul. If you are interested, let me know here or at jerlasich@yahoo.com.


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