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3 openings, solid teams, in longterm $115 entry dynasty league (1 Viewer)


We will start the season in week 2 because we need to have our rookie draft

this league is dynasty, non-ppr, start 1QB, 7 RB/WR/TE (no more than 4 at any one position), 1K, 1DEF

WR and TE are all one position so you don't HAVE to start a TE

scoring is standard non-ppr

TEAM A: Romo, Tannehill, ASmith, Gabbert
RBush, BJGE, BPowell/AlexGreen, RJennings 1.05, 1.14
Calvin, Colston, Harvin, Sjohnson, MiFloyd, Little, Boldin

Zuerlein, Seahawks

TEAM B: Vick/Foles, BigBen, Freeman, Palmer
Lynch/Turbin, Hillman, PThomas, KHunter, 1.04, 1.12
Cruz, Decker, Amendola, Hilton, Jeffrey, Hill

Walsh, Rams

TEAM C: ARodgers, Rivers, Weeden, Ponder
CJ3/Greene, Mendy/RyWilliams, Woodhead, 1.10, 2.02, 2.07
Blackmon, Jordy, Garcon, ABrown, SRice, Witten

Tucker, Giants

please email coachlarue@gmail.com if interested in one of the above teams

Just sent an email expressing my interest in one of these teams. Let me know what you have and some basic rules/keeper/salary structure and I'll be happy to consider.




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