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#3 pick standard league (1 Viewer)


who would u draft @ 3 in a standard league 1QB 2RBS 2WRS 1TE 1 FLEX - tough time deciding with a 1/2 hr to the draft

Charles/Martin/M Lynch/Morris

I know Lynch and Morris have been going later in rd 1 but Charles in a new off and Martin only 1 yr under his belt - pls help me decide

charles and martin seem to go 2 and 3 in most drafts ive seen - interesting that the two i like Morris and Lynch finished 2 and 3 in our scoring last yr - i like richardson also

I think Charles is probably the way to go here. Spiller will have 8 in the box. TRich - just not sold yet as he is a plodder. Lynch/Morris - Even though its non-ppr, you still get points for receiving yards (which they don't get)

Charles has upside

McCoy has updside in a new offense

Rice is probably the safest pick

I'm not touching Foster - don't want to pick tate in round 6/7


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