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3 Round Mock Draft (yes another one) (1 Viewer)


So once a year I love to totally geek out and do my own mock draft.  Just for fun and discussion because draft weekend is one of my favorite weekends.  Outside of this weekend, I can be found doing somewhat normal things.  

    1.1 - Cleveland - Myles Garrett DE - I think the only way the Browns dont select Garrett is if they trade down.

    1.2 - SF - Mitchell Trubisky QB - Toughest spot to predict.  I dont think Washington is going to give up Cousins for a

                                      2nd rounder and I dont think SF is going to give up 1.2 for Cousins, so Trubisky is the pick

                                      with only Hoyer and Barkley on the roster.

    1.3 - Chicago - Deshaun Watson QB - Glennon has not played Football in almost 2 years.  His contract is easy to manage after one year.

                                        Watson gives the Bears a winner and a leader at a position where they seem to have lacked that guy

                                        for quite some time.

    1.4 - Jacksonville - Leonard Fournette RB - Blake Bortles might not be able to lead a team, and Fournette could give the Jags a new

                                                identity.  I think the Defense already has the players to explode, and an offense that

                                                can control the ball might be all they need to appear in the playoffs.

    1.5 - Tennessee - Reuben Foster LB - **** LeBeau needs some weapons on defense, Foster is going to be a 3 down player and a surefire

                                         cog in the Titans defense for many years.  Titans would LOVE to trade down and get back into round 2 but going to be tough
                                         to pass on Foster.  

    1.6 - Cleveland  - Jamal Adams S - Browns trade #12, #52, #142 for pick #6 Browns move up to get

                                       a surefire team leader at S.  By adding Garrett, Adams, to Jamie Collins, Gregg Williams has some serious

                                       pieces with which to build an elite defense.

    1.7 - Los Angeles Chargers - Jonathan Allen DL - Teaming Allen with Bosa and Ingram would give the new 4-3 defense some fearsome

                                                  playmakers for Gus Bradley.

    1.8 - Carolina - Soloman Thomas DE - Carolina has been rumored to be tempted to trade up to select Thomas so when he falls into their

                                         lap here, I think they would be quick to pull the trigger. I think Carolina gets their top target here.

    1.9 - Cincinatti - OJ Howard TE - The Bengals have lots of needs.  When Eifert is healthy, he is pro bowl caliber. Howard has more potential

                                      at this point than any other prospect.  Eifert, Green, and Howard on the field together would make Cinci nearly

                                      impossible to stop.

    1.10 - Buffalo - Malik Hooker S - Dream Scenerio for Buffalo, who would love to add a difference maker like Hooker here.

    1.11 - New Orleans - Marshaun Lattimore CB - Saints gave up the most passing yards in the NFL last season. Lattimore is

                                                 likely the top talent at this point in the draft.

    1.12 - Jets - Marlon Humphrey CB - Well rounded talent - should deveop into a very high quality starter and fill the Jets biggest position of need.

                                       I think the Jets are content going with McCown until its over and then seeing what they have in Hackenburg/Petty

                                       before drafting a QB in 2018.

    1.13 - Arizona - Pat Mahomes II QB - The Cards have really been poking around Qbs quite a bit.  I think he gets to sit

                                         behind Palmer for a season and learn to harness his elite athletic talents.

    1.14 - Philly - Corey Davis WR - The Eagles need a long term fix at WR.  While Jeffery might be that guy, he is playing on a 1 year deal, so the Eagles

                                     are not convinced.  Davis has been putting up huge #s and dominating competition for the last 3 years. I think the Eagles need

                                     to give Wentz a player he can count on to be there long term.

    1.15 - Indianapolis - Christian McCaffery RB - Exactly what the Colts offense needs, eventually they need to invest in a playmaker in the backfield

                                                   to go along with steady Frank Gore.  McCaffery fits in so many different areas of the field, and gives Luck a

                                                   dump off option who can hit the homerun.

    1.16 - Baltimore - Mike Williams WR - I think Baltimore really wants to get a WR in round one this year.  I do not think that John Ross is an option here as

                                          the Ravens already have a few burners. Williams is probably the top target for Baltimore.

    1.17 - Washington - Chris Wormley DE - Wormley is not a glamourous pick at all.  Fact is, Washington gave up 6.5 yards on first down last year and you cannot

                                           win games like that.  Wormley will go a long way towards fixing this.  If a team wants Wormley, they are going to have

                                           to get him in Round 1.

    1.18 - Tennessee Titans - John Ross WR - Tennessee needs someone to grow with Mariota and can take the top off of a defense.  Ross is that guy.

    1.19 - Tampa - Obi Melifonwu S - Tampa has nothing but backup level players at S and I believe they are going to add more than just one player at the position.

    1.20 - Denver - Ryan Ramczyk OT - The tackle class is pretty weak this season, and Denver needs to address it, even after the addition of Menelik Watson.

    1.21 - Detroit - Derek Barnett DE - Lions would love to add a bookend to Ansah and the Tennessee all time Sack leader would be a great fit.

    1.22 - Miami - Malik MacDowell DT - Miami needs to add talent to the front 7 after finishing 30th in run defense.  They added Lawrence Timmons at LB.  Putting McDowell

                                        in between Suh and Wake is a pretty exciting prospect to me.

    1.23 - New York Giants - Cam Robinson OT - Giants hope to secure a LT here with this pick and kick Flowers over to the Right side.

    1.24 - Raiders - Chidobe Awuzie CB  - Versatile CB, aggressive tackler who should be able to move right into the slot corner and become eventual starter.

    1.25 - Texans - Tre'Davious White CB  - Looked like a shutdown corner last season - None of the remaining QBs offer enough upside over Tom Savage to invest a

                                         1st round pick in, so White is the pick.  

    1.26 - Seattle - Garrett Bolles OT - Seattle is desperate for some hope at Tackle - combining Bolles with Joeckel gives the offensive line some new life.

    1.27 - Kansas City - Jarrad Davis LB - I think that Derrick Johnson is probably quite a ways away and Ramik Wilson is a 2 down guy.  Davis should be a 3 down guy

                                           out of the gates and the future for KC at the position.

    1.28 - Dallas - Taco Charlton DE - The athletic Charltons slide stops here as the Cowboys are looking to add some edge rushing talent.

    1.29 - Green Bay - Forest Lamp OG - Green Bay needs to address the hole in the Offensive line since TJ Lang has left.  Adding the best G in the draft

                                        is a big move for both the running and passing game.

    1.30 - Pittsburgh - Haason Reddick OLB - Big James Harrison is 39 years old and the Steelers would love to add a guy with Reddicks Coverage and potential pass rush skills.  I think Reddick could play MLB in the meantime.

    1.31 - Atlanta - Caleb Brantley DT  - Full effort every snap, very safe player who clearly fills in a position of need.

    1.32 - New Orleans – David Njoku TE – The Saints need to add a dynamic weapon at TE.  Coby Fleener just does not seem to fit and Njoku, at just 20 years old, should be a beast.

    2nd round.

    2              33           Cleveland Browns            - Gareon Conley CB - Cleveland comes away with a huge addition by simply taking best player available at this point.   Rape allegations are looking more and more fake as story goes on.

    2              34           San Francisco 49ers         - Zay Jones WR - In this mock, SF got Trubisky to be the QB of the future.  I think teams like to try to get QBs a weapon to grow with out of the gate and trying to secure a #1 WR is a big need.  I like Jones as the best WR remaining – clearly the most productive.

    2              35           Jacksonville Jaguars        - Evan Engram TE – Move TE, with Julius Thomas departing, Jacksonville fills a need with elite speed at the positon.

    2              36           Chicago Bears    - Jabril Peppers S –The Bears need playmakers so badly.  They need secondary help.  Peppers should be able to fill in a few of these needs and 2nd round seems like a safe landing spot after the recent smear campaign.   

    2              37           Los Angeles Rams            - Budda Baker S - So heavily invested in Goff, The Rams need to find some weapons for him.  This is not the place though, as Rams go with the top talent on the board at a position of need.

    2              38           Los Angeles Chargers     - David Sharpe OT – Chargers have to come away from the draft with some OL help.  Sharpe should be able to help out immediately inside or RT.

    2              39           New York Jets   - Dalvin Cook RB – Jets team that knows it has a ways to go before it contends should be looking to add talent to a RB position that is very bare long term.

    2              40           Carolina Panthers            - Antonio Garcia OT – Just gets it done at Tackle – I think he goes sooner than expected.

    2              41           Cincinnati Bengals            - Zack Cunningham LB – Bengals are likely to address the position so when Cunningham falls In their lap it is a natural fit.

    2              42           New Orleans Saints         - DeMarcus Walker DE – Even after Okafor – Saints need to continue adding pass rushers.

    2              43           Philadelphia Eagles          - Fabian Moreau CB – Slips due to injury but has the talent to go in round one.

    2              44           Buffalo Bills         - Kevin King CB – I think Buffalo would really like to address the WR position in this draft, but with the way the cards are falling they again get a steal at DB, and King should start opposite Darby.

    2              45           Arizona Cardinals             - Jourdan Lewis CB – Only available because of the insane DB depth this season.

    2              46           Indianapolis Colts             - Charles Harris OLB – big time motor to match his spin move.

    2              47           Baltimore Ravens             - TJ Watt OLB – The Heir to Terrell Suggs – if the Ravens can address both the pass rush and the WR positions like this they will be happy.

    2              48           Minnesota Vikings           - Taylor Morton OG / OT – Morton would start at Guard and be able to transition out to Tackle in a pinch .

    2              49           Washington        - Joe Mixon RB – Someone will take a chance on Mixon and truthfully I think he has no more character concerns than Dalvin Cook.  While I know the skins like Kelley and Thompson – the talent levels are not even comparable to Mixon.

    2              50           Tampa Bay Buccaneers  - Cordera Tankersley CB – Bucs got a safety in round one, now they need to address the CB position with Brent Grimes in his mid 30s.

    2              51           Denver Broncos                - Dalvin Tomlinson DT – Possibly the best DL run defenders in the entire draft, Tomlinson should fit right in with what Denver needs to do.

    2              52           New York Jets - via Tennessee Titans via Cleveland Browns  - Sidney Jones CB – Jets are not contending this season so why not take a red shirt guy for next season, knowing that if circumstances were different, you would not be able to touch Jones.

    2              53           Detroit Lions      -  Ryan Anderson OLB – NFL ready throwback. Could be a star in the league.

    2              54           Miami Dolphins - Carl Lawson DE – Can spend some time behind Cameron Wake while he learns how to become more consistant.

    2              55           New York Giants              - Tim Williams OLB - gotta get after the quarterback, a staple of so many Giants teams. 

    2              56           Oakland Raiders               - Cooper Kupp WR – Slot man the raiders need to continue to build one of the elite offenses in the NFL.

    2              57           Houston Texans               - DeShone Kizer QB – If Kizer isn’t selected at the top of round 2, I would see his free fall ending here.  Houston didn’t want to reach for a QB, and Kizer here makes great sense.

    2              58           Seattle Seahawks            - Rasul Douglas CB – Big tall and physical corner – fits what I think Seattle likes to look for in CB.

    2              59           Kansas City Chiefs            - Alvin Kamara RB – Spencer Ware is a nice player, but Kamara could be a superstar on this offense.

    2              60           Dallas Cowboys - DeDe Westbrook WR – Speedster , smooth route runner – can take the top off of a defense that is crowding the line of scrimmage and focusing on Dez.

    2              61           Green Bay Packers          - Marcus Williams S – Packers loved Micah Hyde and Williams should be able to fill that role. Plays the run equally well as the pass.  Packers will address DB early in the draft this year.

    2              62           Pittsburgh Steelers         - Quincy Wilson CB – Steelers need a corner who can play man

    2              63           Atlanta Falcons -  Taak McKinley DE – Great motor and great up field speed, should be able to help the Falcons in quite a few situations his rookie season.

    2              64           Carolina Panthers            via New England Patriots – Curtis Samuel WR – Love the many different ways that Samuel would fit on this offense with Cam Newton.

    3              65           Cleveland Browns            - JuJu Smith-Schuster WR – Cleveland isn’t going to find any better options than Kessler right now, and the best way to help him is to build up the weapons around him.  Doesn’t need to be a WR1 in Cleveland, with Coleman, Britt, maybe Josh Gordon in the picture.

    3              66           San Francisco 49ers         - Jordan Willis OLB – 49ers need some pass rush help pretty bad.  Willis would fit in a 4-3 scheme and instantly become the 49ers best pass rusher.

    3              67           Chicago Bears    - Raekwon McMillan ILB – As the Bears move to a 3-4 alignment, adding a MLB to play along side Kwiatkoski is a must.  Danny Trevathan is a long ways away from returning.  Raekwon is a great bargain here and should be a defensive leader on this team very early into his career.   

    3              68           Jacksonville Jaguars        - Brad Kaaya QB – Jacksonville is close – if Bortles figures it out.  Its all going to come together soon.  Kaaya puts pressure on Bortles, prepares really well as a backup QB, and has the upside needed to be a starter in the league if Bortles falters or gets hurt.

    3              69           Los Angeles Rams            - Pat Elflein C – In addition to providing leadership on a team that might need it, Elflein actually would help the 2 pieces most critical to the success of the Rams offense - Goff and Gurley.

    3              70           New York Jets   - Dan Feeney OG – Jets can continue to take best player available.

    3              71           Los Angeles Chargers     - Justin Evans S – With the guys the Chargers have up front, they need a playmaker in CF.  Evans has huge range and is one of the best athletes in the draft.

    3              72           New England Patriots     via Carolina Panthers – Tyus Bowser OLB – after losing Chris Long and Jabal Sheerd to free Agency, adding Bowser would soften the blow.  Could be moved around to attack matchups.

    3              73           Cincinnati Bengals            - Dawuane Smoot DE – Smoot should be an effective pass rusher opposite Dunlap – great size for a 4-3 end.

    3              74           Baltimore Ravens             via Philadelphia Eagles - Dion Dawkins T - gotta protect up front

    3              75           Buffalo Bills         - Anthony Walker ILB – Great coverage LB who has the speed to play sideline to sideline.

    3              76           New Orleans Saints         - Duke Riley LB – Local Product , fastest linebacker at the combine, would be a big time star in New Orleans.

    3              77           Arizona Cardinals             - Taywan Taylor WR – If Taylor somehow lasts until this point I would be shocked but due to his small size, some GMs will not be interested.  I think Taylor could go as early as end of round one to this point in middle of round 3.

    3              78           Baltimore Ravens             - Kareem Hunt RB – Elusive back with great vision.  Doesn’t put the ball on the ground.  Could be starting in a 3 down role on this team as a rookie.

    3              79           Minnesota Vikings           - Mack Hollins Jr WR – Big, strong, fast, high character guy who should be high second or late first if not for injuries.  Will be able to play Special Teams day one with lots more upside.

    3              80           Indianapolis Colts             - Josh Jones S – Even with 2nd rounder TJ Green around and Darius Butler in the mix, adding a guy like Jones to the secondary gives the Colts some options and getting him in round 3 is a great bargain.

    3              81           Washington        - Kendall Beckwidth LB – Washington needs players on defense.  While Wormley and Beckwidth do not offer much flash, they both should be NFL Ready,  long term 3 down NFL starters who are going to help Washington.

    3              82           Denver Broncos                -  Adoree’ Jackson CB – After building in the trenches early on, the Broncos get some speed and one of the most athletic guys in this draft this year.  

    3              83           Tennessee Titans             - Marcus Maye S / CB – A top talent in this years draft Maye is only available because of the extraordinary depth at the position and his injury last year.

    3              84           Tampa Bay Buccaneers  - Gerald Everett TE – a player Tampa can move around and get creative with – gigantic upside.

    3              85           Detroit Lions      - Chris Goodwin WR – Coming on strong right now – played well in bowl game and then performed well at combine.

    3              86           Minnesota Vikings           via Miami Dolphins – Montravius Adams – DT – Ability to pass rush from the middle of the defense – Minnesota has to get some talent inside.

    3              87           New York Giants              - D’Onta Foreman RB – Giants need to address RB in this years draft and Foreman gives them the most talented RB they have had in years.

    3              88           Oakland Raiders               - Charles Walker DT – I think the Raiders are looking for a guy who can provide a push in the middle.  Walker sat out most of last season to                                                              prepare for the draft and it might have paid off.  Might be gone sooner.

    3              89           Houston Texans               - Tanoh Kpassagnon DE – Very Raw but promising - a physical presence who could be something special.

    3              90           Seattle Seahawks            - Dorian Johnson OG – Would compete to start in 2017 and be a great addition to the Offensive line in Seattle.

    3              91           Kansas City Chiefs            - Desmond King CB / S

    3              92           Dallas Cowboys - Calvin Munson LB – Dallas is going to look to add talent at MLB.  Munson can do everything you would ask of him.

    3              93           Green Bay Packers          - Josh Malone WR -  Ted Thompson kind of WR to me.

    3              94           Pittsburgh Steelers         - Francis Owusu WR – Athletic Freak with great hands.  Underutilized in Stanfords offense going to be a factor in the NFL.  

    3              95           Atlanta Falcons - Ethan Pocic OG – Falcons need to plug a hole at RG

    3              96           New England Patriots     - Jake Butt TE – without a first round pick, the Patriots go out and get a guy who should have gone in round 1 if healthy.

    3              97           Miami Dolphins - Daeshon Hall OLB/DE – Dolphins again take advantage of the depth at the DL position getting a talent that normally would not be available at this point.  

    3              98           Carolina Panthers            - Ardarius Stewart WR – An additional playmaker in the Carolina offense – Stewart could be starting in place of Funchess week 1.

    3              99           Philadelphia Eagles          via Baltimore Ravens - Samaje Perine RB - Eagles need to add a Running back and Perine is the opposite of what they have.  Could be a work horse.

    3              100         Tennessee Titans             via Los Angeles Rams - Dereck Rivers DE/OLB - I think the Titans would love to add a pass rusher to the mix.  

    3              101         Denver Broncos                - Marlon Mack RB - Super productive, explosive playmaker the Broncos backfield really needs.  

    3              102         Seattle Seahawks            - Joe Mathis DE – Often injured is why he slips.  Only 6 games of production in his career, but high upside.

    3              103         New Orleans Saints         via Cleveland Browns through New England Patriots - Larry Ogunjobi DT - I think the Saints continue to work on the defense, adding a big man who can get after the QB from the DT position.

    3              104         Kansas City Chiefs            - Andreas Knappe OT – Athletic RT who is still learning the game, but should develop into a starter.

    3              105         Pittsburgh Steelers         - Davis Webb QB – Ben was talking about retirement this season and while we knew he was coming back it might be time to find a successor, especially when Webb is a bargain at this point.

    3              106         Seattle Seahawks            - Amara Darboh WR – Harbaugh coached player should be NFL ready.  Tested better than expected at the Combine.

    3              107         New York Jets   - Teez Tarbor CB – Jets are continuing to take best player available and have built a stockpile of talent in the secondary.

I am not convinced that Kessler isnt the answer.  He completed 65 % of his passes as a rookie and had a 3-1 TD to INT ratio.  Nothing about his rookie season screams to me that he was in over his head.  I dont think Jackson was wrong when he said he was going to be good. 

2018 QB class projected to be better....  That's what NYJ and Clev looking at plus they get to figure out if there young QB are NFL caliber or not.. 

1.8 - Carolina - Soloman Thomas DE - Carolina has been rumored to be tempted to trade up to select Thomas so when he falls into their lap here, I think they would be quick to pull the trigger. I think Carolina gets their top target here.

Please, please, please let this happen tonight!!! :thumbup:

I also didn't really agree with the Bears taking an ILB with their 3rd round pick.  I think they take a CB, WR or TE before they would take an ILB.

FYI: GB signed a starting Guard yesterday. They won't be taking an OL round 1. 

Second round pick, they don't need a safety. They have two. In fact they will be extending their two safeties this year likely. They definitely don't need another safety to convert to CB. Failed with Rollins and Randall, why go down that road again.

Third round pick, WR is plausible, however RB is a greater need. 

If this is what the Packers end up selecting, in 3 rounds they manage to draft zero players that they absolutely need and fail to address the #1, 2 and 3 top issues they have going into the draft:
1. CB
2. DL
3. RB

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fair.....and a great opinion, but that OG is 35 and I believe on a 1 year deal. 

as far as not wanting safety help, as a Packer fan I am sure you know what an important piece to that defense Hyde was. 

Cowboys not taking a DB in the first 3 rounds would be shocking.... especially someone like Teez Tabor who would be available to them in the 3rd RD to them according to your mock. 

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I don't understand the mock drafts. A ton of thought and work goes into it but about an hour after the draft starts tonight, it will be shot to hell. I don't get the reward for all the work. Then again, I also read each and every one of them!?!? :bag:

Caleb Brantley punched a lady in the face and knocked her out like a month ago, he's not going in the 1st round.

I like the Steelers 1st, 2nd, and 4th picks, but I think all 3 players will be gone by then.

I don't understand the mock drafts. A ton of thought and work goes into it but about an hour after the draft starts tonight, it will be shot to hell. I don't get the reward for all the work. Then again, I also read each and every one of them!?!? :bag:
me neither but it's fun to work on when you are sitting in front of a laptop with a new born 3 days a week. 

I don't mind the safety pick for Tampa but they need a OT. I'd rather see:



3,Samaje Perine RB- They have the small guys for the offense but need the 225 punisher between the tackles/goaline runner with Martin out.

Barnett to the Lions is what I'm hoping for but I'm expecting him to be gone by then. 

only other thing I can say is that I can't see Reddick falling to 30.

good job overall!

fair.....and a great opinion, but that OG is 35 and I believe on a 1 year deal. 

as far as not wanting safety help, as a Packer fan I am sure you know what an important piece to that defense Hyde was. 
The Packers historically do not value guards. Just look at the ones they have let go in the past. And Teddy's MO is to find the mid/late round OLinemen and develop them over the course of a year or two. The highest he's ever taken an interior OLineman was Daryn Colledge in the 2nd and Jason Spitz in the 3rd in 2006. After that it's all 4th round or later. Evans (only 33 BTW) is exactly the stopgap they need

Nice job though. Thanks for putting the time in.

jomar said:
Barnett to the Lions is what I'm hoping for but I'm expecting him to be gone by then. 

only other thing I can say is that I can't see Reddick falling to 30.

good job overall!
Or Taak falling to the end of round 2 would be shocking.  I enjoyed your thoughts on each pick.  Thanks

a_rackowski said:
fair.....and a great opinion, but that OG is 35 and I believe on a 1 year deal. 

as far as not wanting safety help, as a Packer fan I am sure you know what an important piece to that defense Hyde was. 
Hyde was a jack of all trades. He was our CB4 because we needed him to be 

The only reason he was so important to our defense is because our CB1 was hurt all year, CB2-3 were just god awful busts

The reason we didn't go to the superbowl is because our starting CBs were terrible and our LBs were hurt, not because our backup safety/swiss army knife didn't make a few plays. 

Evans is 33. Has largely avoided injuries. Thompson has done great selecting OL in rounds 4-5 and I would imagine Evans gives the Packers a capable starter for a year while drafting an OL in the mid to late rounds to replace him at some point.
If GB takes an OL round 1, Ted Thompson may not be around to make the picks on Saturday and Sunday. Especially if, according to your mock, he passes up REDDICK for an OL. Not happening. 

First 3 picks for GB will be, in some order, CB/LB/RB

My prediction will be King CB round 1 unless Reddick is there, best avail OLB round 2, unless Reddick taken round 1- then it'll be best avail CB, Marlon Mack RB round 3


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