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$30 Entry: Twist....Survivor-Fantasy (Not Survivor Pool) (1 Viewer)


My buddy and I have been doing this for three years, and thought we'd open it up to others. Each week people choose their best fantasy team possible using all players (no drafting is needed).

Scoring is as follows:

1 pt for 10 yards rushing/receiving

1 pt for 20 yards passing

6 pts for Rushing/Receiving TD

4 pts for Passing TD

1 pt per reception

1 pt per Extra Point

3 pts per 19-39yd FG

4 pts per 40-49yd FG

5 pts per 50-59yd FG

7 pts per 60+ FG

1 pt per interception, fumble forced by defense (and recovered by offense)

1 pt per sack

2 pts per safety

6 pts per KR/PR/Blocked Punt/Defensive Fumble Recovery TD

1 pt per Blocked Kick

11 pts per Shutout

1-2 Pts Allowed: 10 Pts

3-4 Pts Allowed: 9 Pts

5-6 Pts Allowed: 8 Pts

7-8 Pts Allowed: 7 Pts

9-10 Pts Allowed: 6 Pts

11-12 Pts Allowed: 5 Pts

13-14 Pts Allowed: 4 Pts

15-16 Pts Allowed: 3 Pts

17-18 Pts Allowed: 2 Pts

19-20 Pts Allowed: 1 Pts

35-39 Pts Allowed: -1 Pt

40-45 Pts Allowed: -2 Pts

46+ Pts Allowed -3 Pts

Lineups --









Decimals count, and you add the 8 player totals up, to get your weekly score. The catch is, you can only use a player once.

We've done this via spreadsheet but if multiple people want to do this, I'd be more than willing to set it up in MFL. I'd like to check MFL settings to see if starting lineups can be hidden until kickoff, so people don't copy players submitted by other teams. Paypal or LeagueSafe are both fine pay options for me. I've done this winner-take-all with two people Depending on #of players, we can later determine how many spots pay out, and if we want to include weekly winners. At $1.70 or so a week, a pretty cheap fantasy option with a twist. It does make things interesting....when do I use Adrian Peterson, how angry will I be if a stud player gets hurt before I get to use him, etc...

If you interested, please shoot an email to shawnp0001@aol.com or post here. We can take entries right up until the first game of the year.


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