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$300 PPR League with 15+ year history - MFL - LeagueSafe - Redraft (1 Viewer)


Decades Old Competitive Redraft PPR Fantasy Football League looking for a few owners to fill a few open spots across 6 leagues. All leagues have the same rules and we have multiple owners particpating in multiple leagues within the group. Draft is a Slow Drat starting Aug 25 and the leagues are ran on MyfantasyLeague. Leagues are 100% payout minus the MFL webfee. At this point 3 of our 6 leagues are 100% full and we have 1-2 opening in the other 3. All 3 leagues with openings are $300 buyin with payments handled by leaguesafe. One of the League home pages where you can see our rules and format can be seen here: Fantasy Football: Addicts 6 Redraft $300 No Trade (myfantasyleague.com) https://www70.myfantasyleague.com/2022/home/49828  

 These leagues will fill fast so let me know if you are interested

addictcommish@yahoo.com or you can message me through this site.  Matt

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