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$300 Startup Dynasty, Auction Draft, 12-Team, Fantrax Treasurer (1 Viewer)


[4 Spots Remaining] $300 Startup Dynasty, Auction Draft, 12-Team, Fantrax Treasurer

Champions League Dynasty is looking for 5 respectful and dedicated owners for our $300 STARTUP auction draft dynasty.

Please email me if you are interested (asmith101880@gmail.com)

*  Rookie/FA slowdraft via email in early May

*  League entry fees will be due mid-month and the auctiondraft will be the last weekend before the season starts

*  12-Team H2H (single matchup)

*  $300 entry

* 1st = $1,700, 2nd = $900, 3rd = $320.05, Division Winners (3) = $200 each (Fantrax Fee, $79.95 has been deducted from payouts)


*  36-man rosters with small IDP (5 roster spots)

*  Starters = QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, RB/WR, WR/TE,SFLEX, IDP, IDP, IDP, IDP, IDP - 21 reserves and 4 IR spots


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