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$310 New Dynasty Startup with 2 12 team conferences...needs 2 mor (1 Viewer)


Here are the By-Laws

$50 weekly prize and trophy furnished by sportsvau.lt

Commished by J Myers from Dynastyfootballwarehouse

Looking to draft as soon as spots are filled. Any questions please let me know

[test]League Bylaws[test]

[test]Annual League Dues are $310. All league fees are handled through https-~~-//sportsvau.lt/. All teams are required to pay for the following season if they trade away a future 1st or 2nd round pick. This allows us to discount teams who have been abandoned by current owners. 1st/2nd round picks = $310 deposit towards the following season.

[test]Active rosters consist of 25 total players including an additional 4 IR spots for use only when a player is injured and is labeled as IR. There is no limit on how long a franchise can keep a player. If you don't trade him or drop the player he is yours.

[test]Starting Lineups:
[test]Each week you can start QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, Flex, K and Def totaling 10 players. If a roster isn't submitted your roster from the previous week will be used.

[test]In-Season Blind Bid Waivers:
[test]Kickoff of the Sunday night game through Wednesday will consist of a blind bid waiver rule, in which teams bid to pickup players. Players will be awarded to the highest bidder. In case of a tied bid request the waivers are calculated in reverse order based on overall VP standings, then head-to-head, then total points, and then finally power ranking if needed. Waivers will run every Wed at 10pm MST, and will last from week 1 to week 16 of the NFL season.
[test]Off-Season Blind Bid Waivers:
[test]Open the week after the rookie draft and conclude 1 week prior to the NFL season.
$1000 for in-season and another $1000 for off-season. No BBID dollars will be carried over from in-season to off-season or from season to season. Use it or lose it.

[test]Any pickups made after Wednesday night waivers will be awarded on a first come first serve basis. During first come first serve add-drops, all players are available to pick up until each player's game starts. When a player is dropped he will be locked for 1-day. He will be available through first come first serve add/drops after the 24-hour period.

[test]Trading players is allowed any time. They are also allowed anytime during the off-season once the league Championship game has concluded and in fact encouraged at that time in order to better your team. You may trade future draft picks one year out, all 1st and 2nd round picks being traded away will require a $150 deposit towards the following season. Trades are processed immediately upon acceptance of the trade by both owners. All trades are final unless there is obvious collusion. If collusion is suspected, a league-wide vote will take place where 8 vetoes are needed to overturn the trade. Players traded between two teams may not be traded back to the same team for any reason for a period of 3 weeks to avoid trades used to simply avoid bye weeks. The trading deadline will be game-time of the first week 13 game. No trades will be allowed after that time until the league championship game is over. Off-season trades are only allowed if both teams are payed up for the upcoming season.

[test]Number of Passing TDs 0-99 4 points each Test Passing Yards -50-999 .1 point for every 2 Test Passing Yards 300-999 2 Test Pass Interceptions Thrown 0-99 -2 points each Test Passing 2 Pointers 0-99 2 points each Test Number of Rushing TDs 0-99 6 points each Test Rushing Yards -50-999 .1 point for every 1 Test Rushing Yards 100-999 2 Test Rushing 2 Pointers 0-99 2 points each Test Number of Receiving TDs 0-99 6 points each Test Receiving Yards -50-999 .1 point for every 1 Test Receiving Yards 100-999 2 Test Receptions 0-99 1 point each Test Receiving 2 Pointers 0-99 2 points each Test Length of Field Goal Made 0-99 .1 point for every 1 Test Length of Missed Field Goal 0-49 -1 Test Length of Missed Field Goal 50-99 0 Test Extra Points 0-99 1 point each Test Fumbles Lost (to Opponent) 0-10 -2 points each Test Rules for Def Event Range (Low-High) Points Test? Fumble Recoveries (from Opponent) 0-99 2 points each Test Interceptions Caught 0-99 2 points each Test Blocked Field Goals 0-99 2 points each Test Blocked Punts 0-99 2 point each Test Blocked Extra Points 0-99 2 point each Test Sacked a QB 0-99 2 points each Test Safeties 0-99 5 points each Test Total Points Allowed 0-0 5 Test Total Points Allowed 1-99 -0.1428571 point for every 1 Test Number of Defensive & Special Teams TDs 0-99 6 points each Test

[test]Each week two teams square off against one another in a head to head game as defined in the Fantasy Football Schedule. Ties will be broken by total yards offensively for each team’s starting lineup. Stats will be provided live on the website with final results available after the conclusion of the Monday night game. Standings are determined by Victory Points format. Each team that wins gets 2 points, each team that finishes in the top 4 in points in their conference will receive another 2 points. Each team that finishes in the middle 4 in points for the week will receive an additional 1 point. You can earn anywhere from 0-4 points per week. Ties in VPs for both playoff seeding and waivers will be broken by total season points and finally power ranking. VPs are final after week 12. No points will be added to the total during playoffs.

[test]Six teams from each conference will make the playoffs. These will be the top finishers from each of the 3 divisions and three wild card teams regardless of division. Top 2 teams per conference in VPs regardless of division winners will receive the 1st and 2nd seeds and a first-round bye. Week 13 - Round 1 of the playoffs in which there will be an all-play between the 4 non-bye teams in each conference. The top 2 scores for the week advance to round two. Week 14 - Round 2 of the playoffs in which there will be an all-play between the 4 remaining teams in each conference. The top 2 scores for the week advance to round 3. Week 15 - Round 3 of the playoffs will be used for the Conference Finals between the 2 teams who advanced from round 2. Week 16 - will be used for the Fantasy Bowl Championship where the winner of each Conference will face off for 1st and 2nd place. NOTE - Your finish in the playoffs will determine your draft order the following year and in part your potential success or failure.

[test]Toilet Bowl Playoffs:
[test]The loser’s bracket will also play for the coveted Toilet Bowl during this same time period and in the same fashion. Toilet Bowl winner from each side also receives an extra 2.13 draft pick to be used in the off-season rookie draft.

[test]League Payout Structure:
[test]24 owners @ $310 a piece - $7,440 Total League Dues Site Management MFL (Deluxe Hosting Package for 2 conference setup) - $180 Total Pot - $7,260 Fantasy bowl winner - $1000 Conf champ - $1500 x 2 - $3000 2nd place per conference $500 x 2 - $1000 3rd place per conference $300 x 2 - $500 Leading scorer per conference $200 per - $400 Division winners - $200 x 6 - $1200 One overall Toilet Bowl Winner - $160

All fantasy winnings under $305 will be used as a credit towards the next season's league fee dues. Any winnings above and beyond the $305 will be paid out by check within 2 weeks of the finale of the championship game.

[test]Rookie Draft:
[test]Each off-season there will be a 4 round rookie draft which will be held 1-2 weeks after the real NFL draft. NFL rookies and any free agents can be drafted. This “rookie” draft will proceed in the defined order for all rounds just like the actual NFL draft. There is no snake-like order here. The order is as follows: Picks 1-6 are reverse order for teams that don't make the playoffs using the lowest possible points stat for the regular season. Lowest PP gets 1st overall pick. Possible points are found on the power ranking tab. Picks 7-12 are based on how the teams that made the playoffs actually finished. The Toilet Bowl winner will receive the 2.13 pick. Those who fail to pick for themselves during the draft will be drafted automatically by the computer.

[test]As of Kickoff of each player's week 16 game there will no longer be adds/drops for the majority of the off-season. All teams with players on IR must remove them by the end of the Super Bowl. Trading is allowed year round (except from the trading deadline in Week 13 and until the Championship game has concluded) and should be encouraged especially for those in rebuilding mode trying to stack up on draft picks. The rookie/free agent draft will take place exactly 1-2 weeks after the NFL Draft, at this time rosters can balloon up to 29 players. Exactly one week after the the 2nd rookie draft concludes add/drops will open back up on a off-season BBID schedule. As of Sept 3rd at midnight you need to have your team cut back down to the standard 25 players. If cuts are not made at this time your worst bench players (determined by the commish) will be dropped from your roster. Preseason adds/drops will be allowed on a first-come-first-serve basis from this time up until kickoff of the first NFL game.

[test]**Please Note**
[test]Because of the inability to include all possible scenarios in these rules the commissioner will assume the governing position for the league. If any issues or suggestions come up the commissioner will determine the correct course of action, gain the approval of the majority of the league, and consequently enforce whatever action is necessary to maintain fair, fun, and honest play.[/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test][/test]


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