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32 Team - 2Copy - Salary Cap - Full IDP League going on its 6th Year has 1 team vacancy. (1 Viewer)


Good Morning Fantasy Footballers!

We have 1 empty franchise in our league and we are looking to fill it preferably with an experienced dynasty player, however commitment to learning and growing with the league is more important than experience with a high turn over rate in leagues.

Please note this is NOT FCFS for the franchise. If the commissioner feels you will not be a positive addition to the league we will decline inviting you.

League Age: 6 Years old
Total Franchises/Team: 32, setup just like the NFL.
League Chat App: Slack
League Website Platform: MFL (My Fantasy League)
Annual Franchise Fee: $100
Annual Free Agency Auction: For when players contracts end.
Franchise & Transition Tags?: Yes
Payouts: We have Division, Conference, Domination, Dynasty and high scoring pots.
Average Time Owner in League: 3+ years.

Please note that these rules are specific to the filling of this franchise and to give the inbound owner the best opportunity to create a competitive franchise.
Vacant Franchise: Giants
Franchise Benefits: You get the chance to cut 2 players from roster for free, incurring no cut penalties.
Tags: You will have the opportunity to tag players whose last year on contract ended in 2022 and are not currently on the teams roster.
Players Eligible for Tags:
Brett Maher PK
Darren Waller TE
Bradlee Anae DE
Kyler Murray QB
Derrick Henry RB
Dionate Johnson WR
Adrian Phillips S
Brandon Jones S


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