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32 team Carbon Copy startup ... Best startup you'll find! (1 Viewer)


Dynasty never stops gentlemen. You know that feeling you get when the superbowl ends and you realize that football is 8 months away ... I got the remedy. THE AMERICA THE GREAT DYNO LEAGUE. The co commish and I are firing this bad boy up ASAP after the NFL superbowl. When MFL flips over to 2019 ... we draft. Below I'll outline the main points of the league. 

-32 team carbon copy PPR ... plays like a 16 teamer since there are two copies of each player. 4 divisions in each conference with 4 teams in each division. Div winners make the playoffs along with 2 highest TPS in each conference. $100 buyin.
-Inaugural draft will include rookie slots ... ie 1.1 , 1.2, 1.3 ... Separate rookie draft to begin sometime after the actual 2019 NFL draft
-1QB/2RB/2WR/3FLEX/1TE/1DEF 20 man roster 3taxi 2IR
-'Merica is the theme ... Conferences are war generals and founding fathers ... you come up with your own team name/theme ... and don't be lame.

Here is the catch ... this isn't a "OK I'm in" type of league. We're looking for the most committed, active, bad a$$ owners out there. Convince us that you know what you're doing and want in! Shoot me an email at Napolean004@yahoo. If we think you've got the stones to handle such a fire league we'll send over the bylaws and make sure that what we are offering is what you are looking for. As of right now we have 6 committed teams. Hit me up if you got what it takes! 

Is your email address correct? Sent an email to your yahoo.com email address and it bounced back. 

Yeah it should be correct as I've received emails from others on this site.  Feel free to send me a PM on this site or try again with the same email address!  Thanks


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