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The X-treme Fantasy Football (“XFF”) League is looking for a highly motivated, skilled individual, who is passionate about dynasty style fantasy football, sports business, and sports media to become franchise owner, general manager, and team executive. This opening is for candidates who want to build and manage a franchise 365 days a year, who have a taste for scouting and long-term roster planning, who love to produce content about fantasy football, and who want to invest in something that will have them competing for years to come. XFF is the deepest and most challenging league in the industry.

Do you have what it takes to take on the best?

The total cost for the season is $150.00.  Funds are held in leaguesafe.com.


This person is responsible for the management and operations of a franchise, including roster management activities such as rookie drafts, free agency, contracts, salary cap, player holdouts & franchise/transition tags, and media relations

This person is extremely active in trading, free agency, and trash talking. [Note: Dynasty leagues thrive on an active trading market since it’s the only real way to change your team make up significantly. If you have a few owners who don’t like to trade it means that not only will their teams go stagnant but it will be that much harder to keep your team from going stagnant as well.]

Also responsible for creating content around topical stories per month to drive engagement around high-value, general interest league activities

Contributing to a cutting edge approach to the league

Keep attention to detail and quality, comply with league bylaws and standards

Passionate about solving problems

Desired Skills and Experience:

Dynasty football experience with IDP preferred

Experience with keepers league is also a plus

Strong desire to get involved with league activities and events

Desire to trash talk

Experience with Myfantasyleague hosting

Experience with leaguesafe

About XFF

X-treme Fantasy Football (“XFF”) is a 32 team dynasty football league, divided equally between the National Football Conference and American Football Conference designed to mimic the NFL. XFF aims to provide fantasy nuts with a realistic and engaging general manager experience by replicating the front office operations and roster management of a professional sports franchise. Similar to the NFL, XFF players focus on building through the rookie draft and free agency—some players are on rosters for multiple years, some are not. Every player has a contract that counts toward the total team salary, which must be under the Salary Cap. Founded in 2014, the league prides itself on being the most active, engaging community in the industry.

League Summary

32 teams divided between 2 conferences, each with its own player universe

45 min / 53 max size player rosters, 10 man taxi squad, 10 man injured reserve

League Salary cap mirrors real NFL cap

Variable length contracts (1-4 years) for all players on rosters

Offensive and defensive formation for lineups to mirror NFL

Annual rookie-only draft occurs soon after NFL draft

Annual Free Agency (In-season & preseason)

Manage player holdouts & retirements

Manage the league media relations

Consistent league conversation on chat

League champion wins cash, league trophy, and league wrestling championship belt

For more information on league rules, please check out XFF League Bylaws

For more information on the 2018 XFF league, please check out XFF page

About XFF Network

What makes XFF vastly unique is its wall-to-wall coverage of the league, which is called league media.  Not only do general managers and team executives have to manage their roster but they must be able to handle (good or bad) the 24/7 media coverage of their franchise.  League media coverage is in the form of print, radio, TV or social media.  Some people instinctively understand the role and value of media.  Others fight it – and almost always lose.

The league media coverage for XFF is called X-treme Fantasy Football Network or XFFN.  Each owner invited to the league is required to sign-up for a role within the league media to assist with covering the season.

League Media Summary

Annual rookie draft held on radio, simulating the NFL Rookie Draft Coverage

Weekly radio, video, articles, and tweets covering XFF

Game-day coverage

Month contest for delivering high valued content

Annual Honors Award Show on radio

For more information about XFF Network, please visit: http://www.x-tremefantasysports.com

How to Apply

Please send an email with your desire to join the league to Matt519hew@yahoo.com. The email should include your name, years of experience, and desired media contribution (how will you participate in the league) to the league.


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