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32 team IDP dynasty looking for two owners- big discount for joining (1 Viewer)

fruity pebbles

32 team dynasty league that's two sister 16 team leagues is looking for two new members. This is the 5th year the league has been in existance and its running strong. Good owners, a lot of trading and quite a bit of email banter goes on. The normal league fee is $50 this year and $25 (half) for next year with a 100% payout. The owners that left were largely paid up so the entrance fee is only $25, a third of the cost, and the new owner will be paid up through half of 2009. The two open teams are the Bears in TML 1 and Sexy Rexy in TML 2. Take a look at the rosters and the league bylaws and let me know if you're interested.


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