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32 Team League Needs Replacement Owner (1 Viewer)

Mr. Landry

Here we go again. I posted a few months back looking for interest in taking over a couple of teams in our 32 team league. We filled all the spots, but one of the owners logged in and disappeared. We need to replace him before we start the draft. The team is the Redskins.

The league details are as follows:

We have a 32-team league (one team for each of the NFL teams). The league started in 2002 and continues to have a large core of it's initial members.

It is a HTH IDP keeper league. There are 16 man rosters (plus two IR spots) and you can keep up to 8 players a year (3 offensive, 3 defensive and two of your choice). We use team QB and team K. We have an 8 round draft every August.

A link to the MFL page: http://www22.myfanta...13/home/25780#0

It's a very active league and probably quite different from any that you've done before. The yearly $3 fee to pay for the hosting is waived this year.

Check out the message board if you want more details (scoring, starters, etc.): http://nflffl.proboards.com/index.cgi

Let me know if you are interested (or have any questions).



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