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32 team Superflex with IDP start up draft what is best draft spot to pick (1 Viewer)


I just joined a 32 team start up league that is a Superflex but will also IDP. Never been in one of these and I guess when the league fills it randomly selects your number. Number 1  gets choose first where they want to draft and so on. I am curious what the best spots are. Oh also a player can be chosen twice before he is gone.



For a dynasty start up it should be an auction so you have a chance to get any player you want.  A draft does not give you this option and it's a shame you start a dynasty team without being able to get the guy you want most.  Kind of takes away some of the fun.  For something like this big of a league you could even do a hybrid with an auction for 10 or so players and then go to draft after that.  Team with most money left at the end of the auction gets first draft pick choice and so on.....

I would want to be on an end because my drafts always seem to be better constructed in those spots.  I can get ahead of runs and it makes it easier to draft the player I want a bit early because I know they aren't making it back.  However, I have never done a 32 team draft so having 60 picks between my picks might be a bit different.    Regardless I think I would prefer to be on an end.  Maybe not pick 1 or 32 so probably around 1-6 or 26-32 starting closer to the middle with picks 6 or 26.  Just my personal preference.  I don't think there is a right or wrong answer.......other than getting rid of the draft and going auction. 


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