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$350 16 team auction league on Yahoo - Need 1 manager (1 Viewer)


Draft is scheduled 9/4 @ 12:00pm est on Yahoo

Full point PPR, 6 points per throwing TD, FAAB for waivers

1st place regular season - $1050

Moist points regular season - $1050

1st place post season 🥇$2100

2nd place post season 🥈$1000

3rd place post season 🥉$500

Funds collected on leaguesafe, majority payout. Payments are due before joining. This league has been running for 10+ years.

Please leave a comment here or message me at rjallegrini@gmail.com with any questions. I can provide you the leaguesafe link after you’ve confirmed you want to join this awesome league.

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