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3rd Pick Overall - Keeper League (1 Viewer)


12 team .5ppr - We carry 2 players over from previous year at their acquired round value (escalates 1 rd p/year thereafter). 

Starting requirements: QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, DT, K

I'm keeping the following:

RB D.Johnson ARI - 2nd round value (meaning I do not get a 2nd round pick).

RB K.Hunt KC - 7th Rd value.

I draft 3rd overall, my initial thought is to grab the best WR available, which will be in the AJ Green/M.Evans range (based on who is being kept).  Here's the question:  Do I take a 3rd RB (if someone like S.Barkley or M.Gordon is sitting there), knowing elite RBs are kept and scarce? Or do I go WR knowing I won't get another pick until rd 3 and a good chunk of top WRs will be gone?  Leaning toward the latter, but I guess the question comes down to best player available vs. best player at position of need?

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I think you would be solid with DJ/Hunt. It really depends on your starting requirements? But adding A.J. Green would give you a nice trip. Please see my post. Thanks.

I am not a fan of the AJ Green or Evans picks.  There are other WR's I like a lot better and with you only able to start 2 RB's its hard to pull the trigger on a 3rd RB that early when  you cannot even start them every week.  I may look into trading down from 1.03 to a range that would allow me to get a WR I prefer over the Green/Evans combo. 


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