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4 picks in top 12 of the draft - moves to be made? (1 Viewer)


Hey guys,

10 teamer, PPR, standard scoring, Dynasty League - contender but haven't gotten over the hump (mainly injuries last year).

QB: K. Murray, R. Wilson, T. Tagovailoa

RB: C. Mccaffrey, A. Gibson, L. Fournette, K. Drake, M. Gordon, D. Harris

WR: AJ Brown, J. Jones, A. Robinson, M. Evans, D. Johnson, J. Jeudy, M. Pittman, B. Edwards, A. Lazard

TE: TJ Hockenson, D. Goedert, OJ Howard, C. Kemet

I have the 1.1, 1.2, 1.7 and 12th pick.  I farmed out my entire draft next year and some bench depth for picks.  

I am wondering who to draft - leaning toward Pitts and Najee with the first 2 and hoping for Waddle to fall to me.  I am considering trading M. Evans (I don't think his value increases from last year and there are a lot of mouths to feed in Tampa) and maybe some picks for players/picks or both?

Any recommendation on suitable trades or standing pat, etc.

Much appreciated!

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Honestly with your team make up and being that its a 10 team league where top talent wins out. Im looking to trade all my picks and anyone other than Murray, CMC, Gibson, and Brown for a proven upgrade at any position. I get that rookies in dynasty have a longer shelf life but you can always aquire later picks and  more players. Rarely will you be 1 or 2 players away from being dominant. Without knowing all your team rosters somone has to have another top 10 RB or WR they are willing to move.



Make a combined draft board and follow it.  Don't draft based on perceived need.  Go with BPA always - which is where the combined draft board is key.  Put the effort into those rankings and you will be putting your best foot forward.  

All that being said, it is never a bad idea to see what people are willing to trade for your pieces.  If you don't have a true preference for a player at 1.01 that would be the piece I would be looking to move.  Search out a rebuilding team and see if they have any players that may beyond their prime when the rebuild finishes and see if those type players improve your starting lineup.  You may be able to get a couple of immediate improvements to your starting lineup for the 1.01 for a rebuilding team and not really lose anything since you still have 1.02



You have good TE depth already with Hock and Goedert.  I might take Harris and Chase and bolster those two key positions.

I might dangle the 1.07 and some of your depth, you mentioned Evans, to come back up and grab Pitts too.   If you stay put at 1.07, perhaps a surprise falls or you pull the trigger on Trevor Lawrence.

BPA at 1.12 depending, in part, on what happens with your 3rd pick.


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