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4 pm - Marshawn Lynch [Q] - RB, SEA - Active (1 Viewer)

Reported on ESPN ticket last night during the late NCAA games that he's expected to start. Everything I've read from PFT thru local sites is that he's full go.

Who is his backup, Turbin or Michael?
Nobody knows for sure, even the Seattle fans disagree. But here's how I'll sum it up:

- Between the two in a pure running capacity Turbin goes down a little easier than Michael. Michael is also faster than Turbin and appears shiftier

- In pass protection it is clear Turbin is ahead of Michael. In pure speculation, I believe this is why you see Turbin active and on 3rd downs for most games

- Both are strong pass catchers out of the backfield

I'm purely speculating here, but I think if Lynch can't go it will largely be the Turbin show with spells from Michael. As the game wears on and if the Seahawks are comfortably winning I would expect to see much more Michael in the second half. I really think he's an elite running where Turbin is replacement level but has pass protection down solid.

All of this is moot because Lynch is going to play today and will get the majority of the carries.


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