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4 spots still open for our fantasy baseball full season (1 Viewer)


Hey Guys, FS4U right now has a ****FREE**** $50 FULL SEASON CHALLENGE PROMO OFFER FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.Only 4 spots left. Top 2 win cash prizes. Use promo code "FS4U001" when you register at the site. Put the code word in form where it says"where did you hear about us" No gimmicks! This is a FREE $50 ENTRY FOR GREAT CASH PRIZES! HURRY ONLY 4 SPOTS LEFT!GO TO: www.fantasysports4u.com now and join! INFO: 1- 10 member full season leagues 2- Snake draft 3- $450- in cash prizes. 4- Live online or auto draft. 5- Live stats 6- Live support 7- Instant payouts 8- Each winner earn points for a shot at the $5,000 leaderboard challenge


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