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4 Team Dispersal (Need 1 Owner) - $200 Entry, 14 TM Dynasty, SF, TEP, IDP! (1 Viewer)



I'm looking for one active engaged owner to participate in a 4 team dispersal draft. The league is a 14 team, superflex, TE premium, IDP dynasty league. Entry is $200 per season.

This league has some unique components to it: The first is an event called "The Raid" that helps ensure parity to the league by increasing player mobility making it more difficult for a team to maintain dominance for many years. This is essentially a 3-round draft of currently rostered but non-protected players. Every team will raid three players from other team rosters and each team has three players raided from their team. Not all players are available as each team gets to protect certain players. You can read more on this is the league settings link below.

Another fun part of the league is what is called the "Arcade Token Challenge." Each team can challenge up to 4 teams per season to win challenge tokens belonging to other teams. The team that collects all 13 tokens first wins a progressive pot. More information on this under the league settings.

Other aspects of the league are:
- Classic Arcade Theme
- Live Draft Lottery on Zoom
- 1 Devy Player allowed per team
- 10 offense / 11 defense with balanced scoring
- Meaningful toilet bowl
- Victory Points
- Taxi Squads and taxi squad poaching

I'm looking for an active league owner. We use Groupme for informal chatting but all formal/important communications will be posted on the league page and/or through email reminders. We also use Paypal for league fees and distribution. I am fully aware this can make some feel uncomfortable, which is why I'm happy to put you in touch with any other league owner(s) so you can confirm I am on the up and up. I do not play fantasy football because I need money nor do I need yours  We started using Paypal many years ago in all of my leagues to avoid leaguesafe fees and continue to do so. Many of us have played together for 10+ years in various leagues.

If you are interested here are the links:
League Home Linkhttps://www67.myfantasyleague.com/2021/home/54336#0

League Rules Link (Embedded in the rules you find a YouTube video which I made to explain in more details certain parts of the league such as the raid, arcade challenge, etc.): https://www67.myfantasyleague.com/2021/options?L=54336&O=26

Team rosters that will be available in the dispersal draft (make sure to check out the taxi's as well):

Draft Picks: All teams have all of their picks with the exception of 1 team which is missing a 2nd round pick but has two 1st round picks (so there will be 5 firsts and 3 seconds up for grabs in the dispersal). The draft pick position will be determine after the live lottery has taken place.

If you are interested in joining, the best way to contact me is through email at cerianamax@gmail.com.


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