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48-Team, Superflex, IDP, Premier Style - $50 (2019 Startup) (1 Viewer)

R2G Dynasty

Looking to fill the remaining spots in a 2019 Premier Style Superflex Startup League, the 5th league in a group of well established dynasty leagues. Leagues have been running for 4 years, and we wanted to create a deeper, more competitive league for the 2019 Season. Please fill out the league application below if you are interested in joining.

Application (Google Form): https://bit.ly/2I1P5Er

If you have any questions, Commissioner can be reached at - r2gdynasty@gmail.com


League Dues: $50 / year (requirement to pay 1 year in advance; $100 total)

League Site/Bylaws: http://www81.myfantasyleague.com/2019/options?L=55254&O=26

League Features:

  • 48-Teams, organized into different leagues/tiers based on quality of teams, with expansion plan to reach 96 teams
  • 70 man rosters active rosters, expanded to 80 in the off-season - Injured Reserve, etc.
  • 22 starters, balanced between offense and defense positions
  • Balanced NPLB PPR/IDP scoring system
  • Superflex League
  • Unique promotion/relegation system
  • Annual rookie/FA draft occurring shortly after NFL Draft
  • There will be 1 copy of each player per 12 teams (24 Teams = 2 copies, 36 = 3 copies, and so on and so forth)
  • Schedule will consist of double headers each week - within your division.
  • Victory Points are used for Standings
  • Prize pools with 100% payouts (minus league fees)
  • League Dues collected via League Safe with Majority Approval
2019 OPEN TEAMS: Looking to launch R2G 5 with a total of 48 Teams, recruiting Owners for all 32 NFL Teams first; then 16 NCAA Power 5 Schools. ~14 Openings Remain until we are full.


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