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4pm - Julius Thomas [Q] - TE, DEN - OUT (1 Viewer)

Here's what Adam Schefter's saying on Twitter:

ESPN's Adam Schefter reports Julius Thomas' (knee) chances of suiting up Sunday against the Chiefs are "iffy at best."
Thomas is listed as questionable after getting in three limited practice sessions. He's a full-blown game-time decision one week after being inactive. The Broncos are playing it extremely safe with their freakishly athletic tight end. Thomas will go through pregame warm-ups, and then a decision will be made. Owners need to have other options in place again this week.
damn, dumped my thomas backup after reading bramel saying he'd be good earlier, now looking at a desperation john carlson play :(

For those of us that dumped our contingency plans, are we thinking that Tamme is the play again, or will it be Dreessen/Green this week?


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