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4th Year 16 Team Dynasty League - need 2 (1 Viewer)


I am looking for 2 new owners for our Fantasy Football League. We are in our 4th season and you would be taking over one of 2 existing teams. The league is very competitive, so we are looking for only serious and knowledgeable owners. Its an adult league with alot of trash talking. Our league is hosted by MFL.

The league involves individual offensive and defensive players. QB, RB, WR, TE KR, DT, LB, AND DB. Roster size during the season is 30, but offseason cuts are made down to 20. You keep 20 of the 30 every year. The league is re-alligned every year based on previous years performance to keep all teams in contention. Because of this, the league is very very competitive. Each year every team has a shot at winning it all. Divisions are alligned so that all 4 teams are relative equal. The 4 best teams in the league are all in one division, as well as the 4 worst. This allows for all teams having a shot at the championship.

Scoring is based on equality between positions. After 4 years of history, RBs have the largest weight, then comes LBs. All other positions usually score equally. Generally QBs are the weakest in scoring, much of this is due to keep all 16 teams competitive.

Since the scoring and division alignment is based on parity, its extremely difficult for an owner to not be in it on any given year. Winning is dependent on playing the right players and extreme football savy. If you are planning on choosing who to start between LT and AP, this isn't the league for you.

As competitive as the league is, its a great league with lots of trash talking and trades. The 2 owners who are leaving are actually leaving the country for work. Since this is an adult league, pm me and I will forward you the site address for you to review. Again, looking for owners with football savy and like to trash talk. League fee is 100 bucks per year.

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