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5-0 Team Advice. Stand pat or tinker? (1 Viewer)


My team in my highly competitive home league is 5-0, and only two teams are 3-2, so I'm in a good spot - one I am rarely in tbh. Would love some advice on whether folks think I should try to make some moves now, or stand pat and let it play out.

The League is full point PPR, my players are listed in their roster starting positions below, and then I list my bench.

QB: Justin Herbert
RB: Kenneth Walker
RB/WR: Calvin Ridley
WR 1: Ja'Marr Chase
WR 2: Devonta Smith
Flex: Jordan Addison
TE: Sam LaPorta

QBs: Anthony Richardson
RBs: Zach Charbonnet, Jaylen Warren, Jaleel McLaughlin
WRs: Zay Flowers, Drake London

Thanks in advance
You seem pretty thin at RB and rich at WR, I would try to snag a decent RB2 or RB1...maybe a Zay flowers/London for Pierce or James Cook or similar
I'm sure you know now, but Laporta might not play. Jaleel may be locked. I think you're in a tough spot since folks on your bench are worth something. I think that says something since you kind of need to consolidate and try to deal 2 for 1s otherwise if you are lean then now you give the league a good stash. I suggest you try and deal Drake since he had a good game and something else to get a better bench alt/starter. RN not sure who you drop for a TE alt.

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