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5 CONF, 40 TM dynasty with deep rosters draft thoughts (1 Viewer)


We started this league about 3-4 years ago and I’ve been horrible. Mostly due to injuries and players I draft not living up to expectations. Trying to turn this thing around and I had the 2nd pick in our 10 rnd rookie draft. 8 teams per conf with 40 tms total. Players are replicated in each conf. I don’t get to watch much college football (or NFL for that matter). Just trying to gather thoughts on how I drafted or if I wasted picks. Nobody trades in this league so I was stuck with what I had no matter how hard I tried to accumulate more picks.

Starting lineup reqs:
Total Starters:34
Total Number of Starting IDP:22

My roster:
Lawrence, Trevor JAC QB
Levis, Will TEN QB
Stafford, Matthew LAR QB
Wilson, Russell PIT QB
Cook, Dalvin BAL RB
Edwards, Gus LAC RB
Gibbs, Jahmyr DET RB
Gray, Eric NYG RB
McLaughlin, Jaleel DEN RB
Mixon, Joe HOU RB
Pacheco, Isiah KCC RB
Pierce, Dameon HOU RB
Warren, Jaylen PIT RB
Atwell, Tutu LAR WR
Bateman, Rashod BAL WR
Bourne, Kendrick NEP WR
Brown, Marquise KCC WR
Burks, Treylon TEN WR
Chase, Ja'Marr CIN WR
Davis, Gabriel JAC WR
Dell, Tank HOU WR
Douglas, Demario NEP WR
Gipson, Xavier NYJ WR
Hodgins, Isaiah NYG WR
Hollins, Mack BUF WR
Kirk, Christian JAC WR
Tucker, Tre LVR WR
Andrews, Mark BAL TE
Henry, Hunter NEP TE
Kittle, George SFO TE
Kraft, Tucker GBP TE
Schultz, Dalton HOU TE
Armstead, Arik JAC DT
Buckner, DeForest IND DT
Davis, Raekwon IND DT
Godchaux, Davon NEP DT
McNeill, Alim DET DT
Payne, Da'Ron WAS DT
Sieler, Zach MIA DT
Slaton, Tedarrell GBP DT
Tuttle, Shy CAR DT
Williams, Leonard SEA DT
Barnett, Derek HOU DE
Collins, Zaven ARI DE
Green, Rasheem CHI DE
Gregory, Randy TBB DE
Jennings, Anfernee NEP DE
Johnson, Jermaine NYJ DE
Koonce, Malcolm LVR DE
Murphy, Myles CIN DE
Ngakoue, Yannick FA DE
Smith, Nolan PHI DE
Smith, Za'Darius CLE DE
Smith-Williams, James ATL DE
Anzalone, Alex DET LB
Baker, Jerome SEA LB
Barnes, Derrick DET LB
Dodson, Tyrel SEA LB
Gay, Willie NOS LB
Leonard, Shaquille FA LB
Lloyd, Devin JAC LB
Morrow, Nicholas BUF LB
Muma, Chad JAC LB
Smith, Roquan BAL LB
Speed, E.J. IND LB
Alexander, Jaire GBP CB
Benford, Christian BUF CB
Fuller, Kendall MIA CB
Henderson, CJ HOU CB
Howard, Xavien FA CB
Jackson, Dane CAR CB
Ward, Denzel CLE CB
Woolen, Tariq SEA CB
Bell, Markquese DAL S
Brown, Ji'Ayir SFO S
Edmunds, Terrell JAC S
Grant, Richie ATL S
Lake, Quentin LAR S
McKinney, Xavier GBP S
Peppers, Jabrill NEP S
Rapp, Taylor BUF S
Savage, Darnell JAC S
Stone, Geno CIN S
Thompson, Jalen ARI S
Turner-Yell, Delarrin DEN S
Williams, Marcus BAL S

Nabers, Malik NYG WR
Worthy, Xavier KCC WR
Maye, Drake NEP QB
Corum, Blake LAR RB
Gray, Cedric TEN LB
Sinnott, Ben WAS TE
Bullard, Javon GBP S
Braswell, Chris TBB DE
Mustapha, Malik SFO S
Orhorhoro, Ruke ATL DT

This is a SF, TE Prem, strong scoring for IDP league.

Scoring is too long winded. Basically sacks/INT are 6 pnts. Tackles for DT are 7 pnts! Sacks for DE are 10 pnts! Most other scoring is pretty typical I think.

I’ll hang up and listen now.
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im gonna let someone else tackle the def side and/or correct me about the O

I think you start Lawrence and maybe Stafford. You could do Maye over Stafford but he's a bit of an unknown at this point.

I think the rb group is self explanatory: Gibbs , Mixon and Pacheco if you need a 4th-Edwards

For your TE/WR group


after that?

I'm going to stack my jags in Davis and Kirk

and Nabers
Seems odd that in a SF you didn't take Caleb Williams or MHJ at pick 1.02. Those were the two no brainer choices in SF. I am shocked Maye made it to the 3rd round. That seems crazy in a SF.

I wouldn't have wasted rookie picks on DB's. They are a dime a dozen and you can always find someone on waivers that can score.

It's virtually impossible to really understand how good/bad your team is with so many moving parts. Here are my position breakdowns:

  • QB: Old. Need a youth infusion which is hard to do in SF. Makes it even more surprising you didn't take Caleb at 1.02 (assuming he was there). I don't have much confidence in Levis so I don't give him much value
  • RB: Gibbs and not much down the pipeline. Mixon should be ok this year but might be a mid season trade candidate to help get you younger. Warren/Pacheco are serviceable but nothing special
  • WR: you have a lot of hope to producers. Chase/Dell/Nabors/Worthy are your core and build around that. Nobody else is off limits
  • TE: Are solid but could fall out quick with Andrews/Kittle injury history.
  • DT: Great DT with Buckner/Payne/Seiler/McNeil/Williams. Probably your best position. Hopefully they are worth it in your scoring
  • DE: Ouch. Not a lot here. I like Koonce but not the kind of guy you build around. Need Nolan Smith/J Johnson to take steps forward and hope Barnett continues his improvement in Houston.
  • LB: Like your core of Roquan/Baker/Speed/Anzalone and Dodson could surprise. Not good with Baker and Dodson landing in the same place though.
  • CB: Way too many on roster. If you start 4 then I would have 6 at most.
  • S: Same as CB. Too many on roster. If you start 4 I would have 6 at most.

Good Luck
Caleb Williams was available at 1.02. But something about him irks me. He wears makeup and seems like a headcase. I could see him leaving the NFL for a life in TV or movies or influencing.

MHJ went 1.01 so maybe that owner had similar thoughts as me?

Plus my WRs were poop last year thanks to Bateman and <gag> Treylon <gag>. And then Andrews and Kittle getting hurt. I figured I had to bolster my WR corps and take whatever QBs fell. I was surprised Maye was still there at 3.02!

I totally agree about the DBs. Other than S I never draft CB (or DT for that matter). But Bullard is supposed to be a versatile starter from day one. And since the league does lean heavily towards IDP I tried to add some decent depth/possible starters (at least from what I’ve gathered).

One of the owners drafted Daniels, McCarthy, and Penix with his first 3 picks!

These owners are hard to figure out because they are all over the place with their drafts.
Caleb Williams was available at 1.02. But something about him irks me. He wears makeup and seems like a headcase. I could see him leaving the NFL for a life in TV or movies or influencing.
Even with that for SF and where your QB status is headed I wouldn't be able to pass up the QB. They are gold in SF and missing out on a potential long term starter is likely going to bite you for years to come.

However, the fact that Maye stated until round 3 maybe says that this league doesn't value QB's like typical SF league owners so maybe you are ok. The step down from Caleb to Maye is potentially huge though.

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