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.5 PPR Keeper and Strategy Advice Needed (1 Viewer)

Shady Commish19

Apologies in advance for the semi long post.

12 team, .5 PPR Keeper League. Positions: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, W/R/T, DEF, K and 7 Bench. We can carry over 5 players into 2020.
My Team - (*) I am planning on keeping. (1) and (2) denotes years remaining on contract.

QB - Lamar Jackson* (2)
RB - Nick Chubb* (1)
RB - Ezekiel Elliott* (2)
WR - DJ Moore* (2)
WR - Kenny Golladay* (1)
RB - Kenyan Drake (1)
WR - Tyler Boyd (2)
WR - DJ Chark (2)
RB - Kerryon Johnson (1)
TE - Dallas Goedart (2)

I made a deal in season that netted me a 1st for a 3rd so I am drafting 1.03, 1.12, 2.12, no 3rd and then in 12th position for every round after. All players drafted will be on 3 year contracts. Below are a list of free agents whose contract has expired as well as 2020 rookies. I have also included my non keepers just to see what talent will be available, however I will be using those as trade chips to see if I can move up in the draft. Based on the players available, what I am wondering is: a) Am I protecting the right players? Can I go Drake over Golladay and hope to get Hopkins 3rd, but what if he goes 2nd? and b) How soon do I reach for rookies given the NFL talent available. I am in position to win again this year, but I also want to make a several year run at this league after finishing 12th, 11th and 6th coming in as an expansion team taking over a horrific team 4 years ago. Don't take these rankings too seriously..I was just jotting them down in no specific order yet.

Draft    Player    POS
1.01    Christian McCaffrey    RB
1.02    Dalvin Cook    RB
1.03    DeAndre Hopkins    WR
1.04    Derrick Henry    RB
1.05    Alvin Kamara    RB
1.06    Joe Mixon    RB
1.07    Mike Evans    WR
1.08    Jonathan Taylor    RB
1.09    Kenyan Drake    RB
1.1    DeShaun Watson    QB
1.11    Travis Kelce    TE
1.12    Odell Beckham Jr.    WR
2.01    JuJu Smith-Schuster    WR
2.02    Jerry Jeudy    WR
2.03    CeeDee Lamb    WR
2.04    Chris Carson    RB
2.05    Leonard Fournette    RB
2.06    Zach Ertz    TE
2.07    Clyde Edwards-Helaire    RB
2.08    D'Andre Swift    RB
2.09    J.K Dobbins    RB
2.1    Joe Burrow    QB
2.11    DJ Chark    WR
2.12    Tyler Boyd    WR
3.01    Emmanuel Sanders    WR
3.02    Kerryon Johnson    RB
3.03    Evan Engram    TE
3.04    Julian Edelman    WR
3.05    Henry Ruggs    WR
3.06    Jalen Reagor    WR
3.07    Justin Herbert    QB
3.08    Justin Jefferson    WR
3.09    Denzel Mims    WR
3.1    Laviska Shenault    WR
3.11    AJ Dillon    RB
3.12    Cam Akers    RB
4.01    Zack Moss    RB
4.02    Robert Woods    WR
4.03    Tua Tagovailoa    QB
4.04    Jalen Hurts    QB
4.05    Brandin Cooks    WR
4.06    Tevin Coleman    RB
4.07    Antonio Brown    WR
4.08    Devin Duvernay    WR
4.09    Chase Claypool    WR
4.1    Michael Pittman Jr    WR
4.11    Tee Higgins    WR
4.12    Brandon Aiyuk    WR

Thanks in advance

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Keep your five best players regardless of position.  There is plenty of talent available in the first couple rounds of the draft based on your list that I would play games with positions.  If you think Drake is a better asset than Golladay than keep him.  If not, keep Golladay……...and I wouldn't let that affect the way you draft either.  Take the player you have as the best when it is your pick regardless of position.


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