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$50 & $100 dollar PPR start-up dynasty leagues need owne (1 Viewer)


We have a new $50 startup dynasty league and a $100 dollar start-up with 6 franchises left to fill:

Rules are same for both:

12 teams in league
1 Point per reception
.1 points per yard rushing/receiving
.05 points per yard passing
4 points passing TD
6 Points all other TDs

starting lineup: 1QB 2RB 3WR 1Flex 1K 1Def

22 man year 1 roster
increases by 4 for year 2 and 4 more for year 2
supplementary draft each year
Blind bidding on free agents during the season (1000 in fake bidding dollars)

slow /email draft held online

hosting site - http://iconfantasysports.com

View $50 league here ---> http://iconfantasysports.com/leagues/fo ... gueF55675/
View $100 league here ----> http://iconfantasysports.com/leagues/fo ... gueF54240/

contact iconsports@live.com or twitter @iconfantasyJoe


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