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$50 | 12-Team Keeper | 0.5 PPR | ESPN | Draft 9/4 10pm | LS (1 Viewer)


$50 ESPN .5 PPR 12-Team Keeper League in 7th year looking for 1 new owner. Payout: 1st)350, 2nd)$175, 3rd)$75. All league dues and distribution through LeagueSafe. Half pt PPR scoring with small milestone bonuses for 300yds pass & 100yds rush/rec. Very active league. Draft date is Sunday, Sept 4th at 10pm Eastern, with keeper selection deadline 1 week before. The available team drafts 11th this year.

Keeper Rules in this league: 2 total keepers each year. 1st keeper can be any player on your team - no restrictions. 2nd keeper (or "sleeper keeper") must be a player drafted in the 7th round or later in the previous year's draft.

For the available team this year, here are keeper options:

1st keeper options (must pick one): Austin Ekeler, Davante Adams, Mike Evans, Aaron Rodgers, Chase Edmonds, Amari Cooper, Antonio Gibson, Adam Thielen

2nd keeper options (must pick one): Khalil Herbert, Jakobi Myers, Dalton Schultz, KJ Osborn, D'Onta Foreman, Justin Jackson, Tyler Higbee

Message or reply if interested.

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