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$50 5-Man Keeper League Start-Up Needs Owners (1 Viewer)



We have had this 5 man keeper for about 5 years now. Over the last year, we had a bunch of guys leave and rather than have a 7 or 8 man dispersal draft, we are starting over. We will draft within a week of the league filling and we currently have 8 spots to fill. League fee is $50, hosted on MFL, and all money is kept on LeagueSafe. The link to the site is here. The league is moving towards a more active format and we will conduct our annual draft (After this first year) in three segments. The first will be in Mid-May on an agreed upon date, the second segment will be in June, and the the third segment in July. In August, there will be two off season waiver periods where you can use your BB dollars to acquire a player. Please contact me if you are interested. Thanks.

friend and I are interested. Please contact me at chief121370@hotmail.com if you still have 2 spots available.


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