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$50 College Bowl Pick Em' Conference Pool Contest, sign up today! (1 Viewer)





Welcome to my College Bowl Confidence Pool! The bowl season is back!

Pick a winner for each of the College Bowl games, and rank them based on your confidence level of each pick (i.e. assign the highest value to your most confidence pick, lowest value to your least confident pick, etc). Members are awarded the number of confidence points assigned to a team when that team wins. Good luck to everyone. If you have any questions, please contact me at brian.harwood@twc.com. Cost is $50 for the contest, payable on LeagueSafe. The website will again be hosted by RunYourPool.com.

First Bowl game begins on Friday, December 16:

Prize Payouts for 2022-23 (based on payments paid into LeagueSafe.com): Will be announced when the bowls start, depending on players. This contest will have 15% of the prize pool set aside to help youth sports teams of Kentucky and Tennessee.

Leaguesafe link is: https://leaguesafe.com/join/4076367

When payment is made, an invite will be sent to join the contest on RunYourPool.com.

Any questions let me know...

Best of luck,
Any questions please email brian.harwood@twc.com

Here is how Confidence scoring works: Confidence Scoring. For Confidence scoring entries, you will be required to assign each bowl game (including the College Football Playoff National Championship Game) a "confidence point" value between one (1) and forty-two (42). The higher the number you assign to a particular bowl game, the more confident you are that you have selected the correct team to win. You may use a specific confidence point value only once. Each bowl game will be assigned one of the whole values between one (1) and forty-two (42). If you choose the "Confidence Scoring System", you receive the amount of confidence points you assigned to each game where you correctly selected the winning team. The higher the confidence point number you assign to a particular game, the more confident you are that the team you have selected will win the match-up. You do not receive or lose points for incorrect picks. You accumulate points from the date of your first winning pick. With a total of forty-two (42) bowl games (including the College Football Playoff National Championship Game), a maximum number of 903 confidence points is possible.

Good luck!​


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