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50% DISCOUNT and 1.01! $75 Dynasty Orphan. 2 YRS FOR $75! 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 2FLEX (non-qb). (1 Viewer)


I have an opening in Leather Helmet Dynasty #1. It’s a healthy start 1 QB league, been around since a friend started it in 2009!

Pay for 2022, get 2023 free.

This team has 1.01 & 3.01 in our draft in May.  He won the league a few years ago.  Includes Jimmy Garoppolo and Matt Ryan, James Conner and Ronald Jones, Corey Davis, and Zach Ertz.

And per Jeff Pasquino’s advice for this forum, here is the 2021 league link.


Please let me know if interested. 


Frank.  Frankie-ray@comcast.net

League fee : $75.

Number of Franchises: 12

Number of Roster Spots: 26

Number of Injured Reserve Spots: 2

Total Starters: 10

Number of Starting QBs: 1

Number of Starting RBs: 2-4

Number of Starting WRs: 2-4

Number of Starting TEs: 1-3

Number of Starting PKs: 1

Number of Starting Defs: 1

Draft Start Date/Time: May 15 at 12:01 AM EST


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