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$50 Dynasty owner needed- fun roster (1 Viewer)


12-team league looking for an owner to take over a talented young roster. League is 1QB 2RB 3WR 1TE 1DST 1K, with 22 person rosters. .5 PPR. 6pt passing TD's.

Team is 1-1, losing only to two-time defending league champs. This team looks primed to make lots of trades, given the depth at RB.

Philip Rivers

Laurence Maroney

Edgerrin James

Calvin Johnson

Greg Jennings

Darrell Jackson

Heath Miller

Packers D/ST

Adam Vinatieri

Michael Bush

Jerry Porter

Devery Henderson

Raiders D/ST

Darren McFadden

James Hardy

Ronnie Brown

Earnest Graham

Ladell Betts

Malcolm Kelly

Kevin Boss

Jake Delhomme

Jon Kitna

contact me at ebt971@mail.usask.ca with any questions.


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