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$50 Entry Fee Keeper PPR League. Draft from Scratch... (1 Viewer)


Hey Guys,

We just opened another PPR Keeper league and want to draft this coming Wednesday. Many members from here have already joined and filled all our leagues so we wanted to open another one.


  • $50 Entry Fee
  • Keeper Style- You are allowed to keep 6 players each year.
  • 10 teams
  • 16 man roster-10 active-6 bench
  • 2 ACTIVE QB'S! No more getting screwed if your QB goes down. You still have a second QB earning you points on every Sunday.
  • PPR
  • Defense included
  • Points scoring for standings. Top 2 in points win cash prizes. Tired of other members who are out of it at the half way point for H2H leagues and they don't set rosters? This is the league for you then. The top two best teams win, period!
  • Trading of players and draft picks is allowed. We just finished a league where we had 8 draft picks traded during the draft. The guys loved it, as we have one dedicated monitor for each draft we run.
Like I mentioned this is our last league available before the season begins and we will draft on Wednesday night. If you want in or need more details just email ASAP at dtriley@optonline.net


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