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$50 Entry Salary Cap, Multi-year Contract, 12 Team PPR League 100 (1 Viewer)

Noah Davis

I've got one opening in an inaugural year RealtiySportsOnline league.

  • 12 team PPR w/3 IDP
  • 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1FLEX, 1PK, 1DL, 1LB, 1DB
  • 26 man rosters
  • 2 IR spots
  • RealitySportsOnline league w/$123,000,000 salary cap.(9.95 software fee)
  • 3 round rookie draft w/4 year contracts
  • $50 entry payable via leaguesafe (payouts based on majority vote)
  • 100% payouts
For more details (scoring, rules, etc...) see the League Constitution here.

Rookie draft: August 6th 9:00PM EST

Free Agent Auction: August 27th 9:00PM EST

This team has pick #5 in the Rookie draft this year

PM me if interested.

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