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$50 keeper. 16teams Espn/Leaguesafe 100% payout. .5ppr 3wr. draft 9/5 (1 Viewer)


Hey guys, Im trying to start up a new 16 team keeper league. I currently have 1 other football league thats an auction going into year 4 and decided to start a fun snake draft keeper league. All of the constitution is below. This will be on a first pay first serve basis. I will recruit for the inaugural season until I get 16 paid. You arent guaranteed a spot until you pay Starting year 2, the payment deadline will be a week before the draft(like in my other leagues) I also run a baseball league thats in the 4th season as well and all my leagues pay out 100%. If you have any questions or are interested in a spot, leave a message or email me at dlm3679@gmail.com

The draft will be on 9/5 at 7:30pm ET

The League of Extraordinary D-Bags(NFL50) 2018


a. Franchise Fee=50/Team.

b.All transactions are free

c. Website Fee=0(ESPN)


a. Each team will consist of 18 Roster spots. 10 Active, 6 Reserves, 2 Injured Reserve

b. Active Rosters will be as follows







1-Special Teams/Defense

c. No restrictions on Bench players

d. Each team gets 2 IR spots and can be used based on espn rules


There will be 4 Divisions of 4 teams.

Teams will be randomly drawn for the divisions on draft day each year.

The 4 division winners will clinch playoff berth. The 2 best records from non division winners will get wild card spots.


I will generate a schedule using this site and enter it manually



General Offense

INT= -2 pts

Fumbles Lost= -2 pts

Kickoff/Punt Return TDs=6 pts

2pt Conversions=2 pts


Passing TD=6 pts

1 Passing Yard=.05pts(comes out to 20 yards=1 point)

300 Yard Game=2 pts

400 Yard Game=2 pts


Rushing TD=6 pts

1 Rushing Yard=.10 pts(comes out to 10 yards=1 point)

100 Yard Game=2 pts

200 Yard Game=2 pts


Receiving TD=6 pts

1 Reception=.5 pts

1 Receiving Yard=.10 pts(comes out to 10 yards=1 point)

100 Yard Game=2 pts

200 Yard Game=2 pts


Extra Point=1 pt

Missed Extra Point= -2 pts

FGs Made from 1-39yds=3 pts

FGs Made from 40-49yds=4 pts

FGs Made from 50-59yds=5 pts

FGs Missed from 1-39yds= -2 pts

FGs Missed from 40+yds= -1 pt

Team Defense/Special Teams

Blocked Kicks/Punts=1 pt

Fumbles Recovered= 2 pts

Interceptions Caught= 2 pts

Sacks=1 pt

Safeties= 3 pts

TDs=6 pts

Shutouts=10 pts

1-6 Points Allowed=5 pts

7-13 Points Allowed=3 pts

14-17 Points Allowed=1 pts

18-27 Points Allowed=0 pts

28-34 Points Allowed= -1 pts

35-45 Points Allowed=-3 pts

46+ Points Allowed=-5



Lineups will lock weekly at 0:01(hours:minutes) before each game of the week

Owners are responsible for setting their lineup.


Each team starts with $250 FAAB(Free Agent Acquisition Budget)

Minimum Bids are $0 and Free Agents will go to highest bid

Equal Bids will go to lowest ranked team in standings(automated)

FA Bids will be processed at 1:00am ET Wednesday-Sunday

No max on claims

Exceeding max roster limitations will result in an illegal roster


Trades will go through 48 hour voting process needing majority vote for veto

Trade Deadline will be TBD

Trades are allowed in offseason once all parties involved have paid upcoming season fees

All offseason trades are for keepers only. Every player involved must be kept on both sides.

Draft picks are allowed to be traded

If any future draft picks are traded(Regular or Rookie Draft), both teams involved in the trade must prepay 100% entry for the following season.

5.Draft/Rookie Draft/Keepers

The Draft will be a live snake draft

Draft order will be off previous years standings as follows

5th place=1st pick

6th place=2nd pick

7th place=3rd pick

8th=4th pick

9th=5th pick

10th=6th pick

11th=7th pick

12th=8th pick

13th=9th pick

14th=10th pick

15th=11th pick

16th=12th pick

4th=13th pick

3rd=14th pick

2nd=15th pick

1st=16th pick

Each team will draft until the 16 active/reserve spots are filled

There will be a 5 minute break after rounds 5 and 10

Rookie Draft

There will be a 1 round rookie draft before the regular draft. It will take place at a date yet to be decided.

The draft order will be based off previous years standings as follows:

Losers bracket teams will get picks 1-10 with winner getting 1st pick and last place getting 10th pick. Winners bracket teams will get picks 11-16 with loser getting 11th pick and winner getting 16th pick.


Each team is allowed up to 2 keepers at a 1 round increase from previous seasons draft. 1st round picks cannot be kept.

All free agent pickups during the season can be kept as a 16th pick the following season

All rookies from rookie draft can be kept as a 10th rd pick.

Keeper lists are due 2 weeks before the draft

All players involved in offseason trades must be kept.


Playoffs will start on Week 14 and last 3 weeks

There will be 2 sets of playoffs. The regular playoffs and the losers bracket

The regular playoffs will involve teams competing for the loot and the losers bracket will be teams competing for draft order

The regular playoffs will include the 4 division winners and 2 wild card teams

The losers bracket will include the bottom 10 teams seeded by standings

There will be a +3 point home field advantage for all home teams during the playoffs and the losers bracket.

Winners Bracket

ROUND 1(WK14)                             ROUND 2(WK15)

Div.winner 1-Bye               (G3)Div winner 1 vs. lowest WC remaining

Div. winner 2-Bye              (G4)Div winner 2 vs. highest WC remaining

(G1)WC1 vs. WC4

(G2)WC2 vs. WC3

ROUND 3(Championship)(WK16)

G3 winner vs. G4 winner

Losers Bracket(Consolation Ladder)

Round 1           Round 2      Round 3

Determined by Site

All playoff ties will be decided by most points in regular season


Prize pool=800(16 teams x 50=800)





5th+6th=$100 FAAB budget


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