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$50 keeper MFL .5 PPR (3 owners) (1 Viewer)



12 Team H-H w/ 4 divisions. 6 playoff spots (last 2 on point total)
$75 - $50 for this season $25 deposit on next season.

1st $325
2nd $150
3rd $50
Highpoints through week 13 $75

Leaguesafe holds the $

Up to 4 Keepers in future seasons. Each kept player costs you a pick. I.e. Keep 2 players your first pick is in the 3rd round.
Draft picks pre-draft are tradeable. Future draft picks tradeable if both players are fully paid for the following season.

17 roster spots + 1 IR


+ 2x RB/WR/TE Flex

0.5pt Per reception

QB 5pt TD & 25 Yd / pt

Individual return TD & return yards @ 25 Yd / pt

Safety 5
Shutout 12

Everything else is pretty normal.


Draft date early Sept

teams avail (TBA, Huddle Buddies, Semper Sometimes)

Please email me back at chris_white_@hotmail.com if you are interested.



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