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$50 LeagueSafe Auction- With A Twist on The Auction Process (1 Viewer)


I had an idea for a new auction league- with a slight variation on the auction format.

I have 5 people already in for this league, but I need to recruit 4 (or 6) people from here.

League is $50 and we will use Leaguesafe. The league will be H2H, Fractional Scoring, standard ESPN rosters, very standard other than the idea espoused below:

Here is the twist- the order that players will be auctioned is pre-determined randomly and we do not know the order until each player is nominated.

If there are 10 teams, and 15 spots per team- the order for the top 150 ranked players will be randomly predetermined.

If no one bids $1 on a player, that player is simply not drafted. If your roster isn't filled after the 150, you can nominate players.

I have a pretty good idea for how the random nomination process can work fairly.

Leave your email below and/or ask me anything in the comments.


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