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$50 Salary Cap/Contract Years League Safe (1 Viewer)


Have you ever wanted to be the GM of a NFL team.  Here is your chance to do just that.

Salary Cap that raises each year and starts at $75 million

A maximum number of contract years of 100 years 

Salary increases each year based on the teams spending versus the salary cap of the league (Spend 90% of your salary cap this year and every player gets a 5% increase next season; spend only 61% of the salary cap and each player receives a 25% salary increase next year)

Slotted salaries for rookies that are drafted (Year 1 draft slot positions will be auctioned off during the initial auction of the league)

Injured Reserve

Taxi Squad (includes one player that you draft that is still in the college world - known as Developmental Players)

Contract Extensions that are based on performance


I could go on and on with how this league makes you a true GM.  

Training camp is right around the corner so let's get the league going.

The league can be found here:


Rules can be found here:



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