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$50 Startup Dynasty League - Looking for Group of 2-5 Managers to Join Us (1 Viewer)


Hi, everyone! Myself and six leaguemates (seven total managers) have played in different redraft leagues for 10+ years, but are now interested in getting into a long-term dynasty league (most of us have not done a dynasty league before.) We are looking ideally for a similar group of managers to join together with us and create a long-term dynasty league.

We have started discussing settings/rules but are pretty flexible with setup and just want to create something long-term that is enjoyable with active, passionate managers.

Our league fee thoughts right now:

-$100 initial buy-in to cover the first two years. From the second year onward, annual buy-in of $50, making sure each participant is paid up two years in advance, hopefully creating a consistent and reliable playing environment for everyone!

If anyone, ideally a group of 2-5 players, is interested in joining together with us, please reach out through DM! I would love to chat!

Still have room? Have 18 years experience in keeper. I right a weekly article for my current league. Interested in joining you guys

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