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$500 Redraft SLEEPER League/ 12 man snake draft/ Tiered PPR scoring/ Faab waivers/ Leaguesafe/h2h plus games vs league median/weekly and end of season (1 Viewer)


The plan is to put together a strong/active group of owners for a high stakes $500 Sleeper league. Don't join if you are not constantly communicating and an active owner. I only let members in who who respond to messages promptly and care about the league/the last thing I want is owners who are very difficult to reach and who dont respond to trades or other requests. I've been running leagues for a number of years but this year I will be switching to Sleeper because of their custom scoring options, great interface and chat, and 2 matchups a week (1 vs league median) with H2H scoring. The money will be held in Leaguesafe with majority approval, and I will not be taking a cut so the payouts are 100%. The snake draft will take place sometime around labor day and a time will be voted on. 

Settings are below: I am very transparent so if there's something the majority of the league wants to change I will hold a vote (this includes scoring and general league settings)

Rosters - I value deep rosters with flexibility (biggest difference is removing TE and turning wr spot to wr/te) NO K or DST

1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR/TE, 2 WR/RB/TE, 5 Bench, 1 IR

I pay out all of the league fees because even though this takes up alot of my time I enjoy a legit league with active owners. My payouts include weekly and end of season so everybody stays into it every week. Highest scoring regular season team is typically the indicator of the best team, so I believe it deserves a larger prize than 3rd place.

13 week regular season with 6 team playoff- top 2 seeds get a bye:

Highest scoring team of the week: $60

Regular season highest scoring team- $820

1st place finish- $2400

2nd place finish- $1400

3rd place finish- $600

SCORING will be fairly standard with no bonuses except for sleeper's new tiered ppr system- which if the league hates I am ok with switching. In order to keep this post a reasonable length I will paste the receiving scoring and if you want to see more I can email you.


Receiving Yards

+0.1 per yard (10 yards = 1 point)

Receiving TD


2-Pt Conversion


0-4 Yard Reception Bonus


5-9 Yard Reception Bonus


10-19 Yard Reception Bonus


20-29 Yard Reception Bonus


30-39 Yard Reception Bonus


40+ Yard Reception Bonus


Please email me at FRANKCOMMISH1@GMAIL.COM because I respond to my email much more frequently instead of checking back here. Thanks


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