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5th year $100 Dynasty League 1 Opening **$50 Discount** (1 Viewer)


Opening has been filled, thanks!

League Homepage


Team Roster- the team is in rough shape but that's why it is being offered at a 50% discount


Reply here, pm me or email to davidmac@sbcglobal.net if you are interested

Annual League fee is $100 plus a one time $50 deposit

Dynasty league has been set up to pay out to the best teams during the year not just who wins during the playoffs.

The league is designed to create the fairest level of play on all situations, while rewarding the best teams throughout the year:

Combination of head to head wins, plus victory point scoring (points awarded by the total points you score each week). Doubleheaders also help to reward the higher scoring teams for each week.

Decimal scoring, why should you lose points because your player does not reach a certain level. Example if a player rushes for 79 yards, he earns 7.9 points, rather than just 7 points because he did not reach 80 yards. This also helps to avoid ties in scoring.

Blind Bid Waivers, all teams have an equal chance at all free agents. This also involves strategy on how much and who to bid for.

100% payout, just the $89.95 MFL league fees will be taken out, the rest of the money is paid out.

We will use leaguesafe.com, being that this is an internet league this should make everyone more comfortable.

Prize money will be split between regular season and playoffs, with a higher % being paid out to regular season week 1-13 top finishers. Many years the top teams during the regular season ends up with nothing because of a bad break in the playoffs (injury, starter sitting out, etc...). Regular season champ= $375, regular season 2nd place = $225, regular season 3rd place = $125, Super Bowl Champ = $250, Super Bowl Runner Up = $135. One team could take away $625 if they were able to win both regular season and the Super Bowl.

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