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5th Year FREE NFL Themed ESPN IDP PPR Keeper Team In Search Of A New Owner (1 Viewer)


I'm seeking someone to take over a team in one of my returning leagues. It drafts tomorrow night. If this process can't be completed before the draft, I'll continue it after the draft.

As mentioned in the title, this team resides in a league that will be entering its 5th year of operation. It's a FREE league on ESPN with IDP/PPR. All teams in this league must be named after existing NFL franchises. If you join, you're free to change the current team affiliation to any other one not currently in use (relocate). Keepers officially lock at 1AM Eastern and the draft is 9PM Eastern tomorrow.

If you're interested, all I would need from you is an email address to send the invite to (either here or by direct message). Here's the link:


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