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$65 12 Team PPR Dynasty Need 2 (1 Viewer)


Draft Date: slow draft - starts when full

Game Type: Standard

Scoring Type: Head-to-Head
Lineup Locktime: GAMETIME
Roster Size: 22 (10 starters, 2 IR)
Positions (22):QB (st: 1),RB (st: 2),WR (st: 3),TE (st: 1),UT (st: 1),PK (st: 1),DF (st: 1)


This is a new site so it is still being updated and there is a rake here, so make sure you are cool with it. Good community of guys that love to play. I AM NOT an owner. I met these guys through another site and decided to play in some leagues. I enjoy the players there and would like to get more fantasy fanatics over there...especially in the dynasty! It is a safe place to play. If you are unsure, just ask the guys in the chat room on the homepage. The owners are generally there to help.

Hope to see you there! I go by Dr. Fantasy over there so say what's up!


Roster / Lineup Submission:

Team rosters are comprised of 22 players. There is no limit on how many players at each position you may have, however, your starting weekly lineup and weekly optimized scoring will consist of the following:

- 1 Quarterback

- 2 Running Backs

- 3 Wide Receivers

- 1 Tight End

- 1 Flex (RB,WR,TE)

- 1 Kicker

- 1 Defense / Special Teams unit

10 total starting players

22 man year 1 roster
26 man year 2 roster
30 man year 3 roster

There are 2 IR positions that are available to use each year.
Players listed as OUT can be placed on IR, this will temporarily expand your roster to accommodate for your injured player.
To remove a player off IR the system will force you to cut somebody in order to keep a legal roster.



Passing TD = 4
Rushing TD = 6 .
Receiving TD = 6
Kick Return TD = 6
All 2 point conversions = 2
Completed Receptions = 1
Interceptions thrown = (-2)
Fumbles Lost = (-2)

Yardage (decimal scoring):

Yards passing: 0.05 pt for every 1 yard passing
For reference 20 yards passing = 1

Yards rushing/receiving: 0.10 pt for every 1 yard gained rushing or receiving
For reference 10 yards rushing/ receiving = 1pt

Extra point = 1 pt.
1-34 = 3
35-39 = 3.5
40-44 = 4
45-49 = 4.5
50 - 54 = 5
55 - 59 = 5.5
60-64 = 6
65 + = 6.5


Sack = 1
Fumble Recovery = 2
Interception = 2
Safety = 2
Shutout = 6
1-6 points allowed = 4
7-13 points allowed = 2
Defensive or Special Teams TD = 6
Fake Kick TD’s : 6pts
Kick Return, Interception Return and Fumble Return TD’s = 6

League Transactions:

Blind Bidding: Enabled

Each team will receive 1000 dollars in fake monies to spend on free agents for the year

Bidding opens up after gametime on Sunday (1pm eastern) and lasts until Thursday Morning at Noon eastern

After Bidding is processed there is a minimally restricted Add/Drop (first come first served) lasting until GAMETIME Sunday

You are allowed 15 transactions per week - to ensure nobody is abusing add/drop

Ties in bidding are broken on a worst to first basis

Transactions will last all year for all dynasty teams as you all continually improve your squads for the coming seasons.

Blind Bidding Tips:

Click Player To Waive
Click Player To Acquire
Bid On Player
Click Another Player to Acquire as your second choice
Bid on your second choice and click more players if you desire
When DONE bidding click SUBMIT
TIP - Think about which player you want to waive , then add your 1st 2nd and 3rd choices up to 7 conditional choices per waived player.

NOTE: we will run two blind bidding processes before the start of the regular season - First will be Thursday 12PM Eastern of Preseason week 3, Second will be the following Thursday 12PM Eastern of Preseason week 4. This will lead up to the regular season where we will then begin our normal waiver setup of bids processed every Thursay at noon eastern and add/drop up until Sunday game time.

NOTE: Add/Drop is unrestricted and free agents hold a $1 default salary price tag. It costs a $1 penalty to add players, if you run out of money you will still be able to add players during our unrestricted time period, however if you run out of money you will NOT be able to win any bids for weekly premium free agents for the rest of the year.


All Dynasty leagues are trade leagues

Trading of draft picks is enabled in dynasty leagues.

Trading of current season draft picks can be done during the drafts and in the off-season after the draft order has been made - Trading of FUTURE picks is allowed for one season into the future.

You will have to work out trades with your trading partner in email or in the trade comments as we can not include them directly into the trade. We will then keep a record of this in each individual league. Actual trades must always be even in current season traded assets as to remain legal with the roster cap.

If futures are traded the trading partners MUST contact iconsports@live.com to tell the commish which future picks are changing hands so we can log it. Draft pick trades and future trades will not be processed until the commish is notified. It is on the trading partners to notify the commish of a futures agreement, the commish will not and can not be under the assumption futures are included in a deal because we can not see the trade comments. We can not see the trade comments for privacy reasons as all trade negotiations are done in good faith and without us monitoring.

NOTE: we will keep track of futures trading directly on your league home page.

Trade Review Rules:

Trades must be even in nature because of the hard roster cap we have. If you are offering 1, 2 ,3 + assets you must be acquiring the same amount of picks or players to keep rosters legal or the trade system will not recognize this is a legal trade and it will not get passed.

Trades during the draft will go through a Commissioner approval process, NOT a league vote.

We will send the draft day trade to our trade panel to review for collusion and outlandish inequities.

Trades will never be reviewed for minor inequities, if trades are too lopsided our experienced panel will veto the trade and provide reasoning. It is the job of the commissioner to spot collusion and collusion only, trading is a part of fantasy football and we will act as a safety net in events of clear cheating.

Trades during the season will be held to a league vote, NOT commissioner approval.

4 Yes votes trigger a successful trade and 5 No votes veto a trade

If trade is not passed within 24 hours contact iconsports@live.com or iConJoe on site and the commissioner will manually pass it as long as no collusion is evident.

We are experienced in trades and trade values and we will uphold the integrity of these leagues with regard to all the players who want to compete in these leagues without fear of collusion.


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