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$75 -- 12 Team Startup Dynasty Forming (1 Viewer)


I'm starting up a new 12 team dynasty league including developmental players. League dues will be $75 with a 100% payout. Total fees for the first year will be $103.50 though. This includes the initial $75 league fee and a $25 deposit for 2009. This will help to ensure that owners will stick around for the long haul and not abandon ship. If they do decide to leave anyway, that deposit money will be seen as a discount to the incoming team.

The league will be hosted on MFL. Draft will start as soon as the league is full and will be a slow draft with a 10 hour timer. I'm in several leagues with guys here on FBG and I am commissioner of 3 leagues, including one with guys from FBG. I can provide references if you'd like.

Starting requirements are:

1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 FLEX, 1 TE, 1 PK, 1 DST

The league site is located here:


The direct link to the bylaws is found here:


An explanation of the developmental players can be found in the bylaws section at the above link. You are basically drafting a college player to your team. He must be eligible to enter the NFL the following year. Each year following the initial draft, there will be two separate drafts. One for rookies and one for developmental players.

Payouts will be as follows....

League Payouts

$75 x 12 = $900 - $70 hosting fees = $830 100% payout.


1st place Champion = $425

2nd place Runner Up = $225

3rd place = $100

4th Place = $40

Consolation Bowl Winner = $40

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at doowain9999@yahoo.com

Email me or PM with interest and I will add you to the list.

1. doowain - paid in full

2. pinda - paid in full

3. garlicduck - initial $75 paid, awaiting '09 deposit

4. Lash - paid in full

5. wagersjc - paid in full

6. Civil - paid in full

7. kottage krazies - paid in full

8. Jesse Lunsford - paid in full

9. TopDawg - paid in full

10. jojoh07 - paid in full

11. tuttiface - paid in full

12. ernol - paid in full


1. jojoh07

2. Ripleys

ETA - Deposit for the next year

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Doowain I would love to join this league......but my wife would KILL me if I joined another league.....maybe I can join up next year when someone drops out



will it be a slow draft or live

if slow, count me in

if live, i'd have to know the date/time to commit



will it be a slow draft or liveif slow, count me inif live, i'd have to know the date/time to commit
It is a slow draft. I'll edit the original post to add this.I also added to the original post, the info about the "deposit" for future years. Please read that over as well.
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I have been looking for a new startup Dynasty league for awhile now. This sounds perfect.

Let me know,




Ill send out an email but if you see this go ahead and send $103.50 via paypal to dewaynebruce@aol.com

Please pm me to let me know you sent it and tell me the email address you want to use for the league.

Once you pay I'll send you the password to the site and after we all pay we will get the draft order together.


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