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$75 Dynasty Salary Cap League needs one more dedicated owner (1 Viewer)


We are a Dynasty Salary Cap fantasy league in our first year. Our league is run through a combination of Yahoo and our custom league website. Here are some details about our league and the current team available.

A very detailed explanation of all the league rules can be found at the following link http://www.franchise...-and-Rules.aspx

Our custom website can be found here as well as the roster of the team we need an owner for:

David's Dandy Team is the team we need an owner for and they are STACKED!

We are a salary cap league that makes use of player contracts and practice squads for rookies. We will be having two seperate drafts each year, a Free Agent Auction Draft and a Rookie Draft. We are also considering going to IDP next season too if that is of interest to anyone.

If interested please email me at ponyboy_nd@yahoo.com for any more details or questions you might have. Thanks and hope to hear from you!


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