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$75 Live Auction League (1 Viewer)


I'm looking for three quality owners to join us for our Live Auction league. The Auction will take place Sunday, August 25th and 11am ET. You or a team rep must be online for the auction as this time. Payment deadline is August 5th. $75 entry fee, all money paid out except MFL fees. Tge league funds will be held with Leaguesafe. This is a non keeper league. 12 teams, PPR, No IDP, Victory Points. Fairly normal scoring system except for a few extra points on touchdowns. All league graphics are done in house so there is no extra cost passed to the owners. All franchises must be named after a Country, State, County, City, Region or area. I wanted the league to have a "real" look and feel.

League site: http://www23.myfanta...13/home/56373#0

League rules: http://football23.my...373&tid=3597431

If interested please post here, PM me or e-mail me at Chili1034@msn.com

Even once it fills, I will keep in touch with a few replacement owners in case an owner fails to pay prior to the August 5th deadline.


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