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$75 Yahoo 12 Team Auction Keeper League Looking for 1 Replacement Owner (1 Viewer)


Looking for 1 replacement owner in an auction keeper league. Here are the details:

Site: Yahoo
Draft: Auction Draft on Tuesday, August 21st at 9:00pm ET
Draft Budget: $200
Scoring: 0.5 PPR / 0.5 PPFD (Point Per First Down)
Buy-In: $75
Payouts: 1st Place = $450, 2nd = $225, 3rd = $112.50, Most Regular Season Points = $112.50



Keepers: Have option to keep anyone on final roster from previous year. The cost to keep a player is:

Keeper Cost = 1.2 * (Previous Year's Draft Cost + 5)

This formula ensures that the majority of players are thrown back into the pool each year, but those drafted at good values can be kept. Typically, teams will have 0-4 keepers. Since this is taking over a team, you would have the option to keep any players. Here would be the main players on this team in consideration and their keeper costs for this year:

Derrick Henry $13
Cooper Kupp $12
Will Fuller $10
Tarik Cohen $6
Jimmy Garoppolo $6
Case Keenum $6

Keeper Deadline: Sunday August 19th End of Day
I then enter all keepers on Monday (Aug 20th) so everyone has over a day to see who will / will not be available during the draft.

Payment: This is a league I run with friends so typically it's all done through Venmo. Fully aware that may be a red flag for someone coming in from an online message board. If you're interested, let me know and we can figure out what works for everyone.

Email me at mccoleman3@gmail.com.

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