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$80 Full Roster League for True Stat Heads (1 Viewer)


The Analytics Fantasy League is looking for dedicated owners to fill a few franchise vacancies for the 2018 NFL season. We are a statistically-minded, 32-team (two parallel 16-team leagues) NFL-like redraft fantasy league modeled to simulate real NFL team management, and we are entering our 6th year. The AFL is a full-IDP money league with an analytics-based scoring system that creates for NFL-like player valuations. The format's target fantasy player is the competitive, active fantasy football addict who wants a more realistic fantasy football experience.

For those wanting a dynasty experience, AFL players get top priority for new franchise openings in our 32-team salary cap/contract partner league, the Analytics Dynasty League, for which the AFL serves as the primary onboarding process.

The AFL was featured on RotoViz's "The Numbers Game Podcast" on July 16, 2015 because of our innovative approach to a more realistic fantasy football format: http://rotoviz.com/2015/07/numbers-game-shane-t-jensen-professor-statistics-wharton-school-episode-7/

League Home

Full League Rules

Full League Scoring


* $80 league fee; 100% payout; $2,490 in total prize money via fair/rewarding payout structure; TeamStake (no fees) majority payout.

* 32 teams divided among 2 conferences (NFC and AFC), each with its own player universe (the AFL functions as two parallel 16-team leagues until the league Super Bowl)

* 12 week regular season + 4 “Bonus Games” = NFL-like 16-game regular season

* 4 week, 12-team NFL-like postseason; weeks 13 through 16

* 34 player Active Team, 2 player Injured Reserve

* Start 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 RB/WR/TE, 1 PK, 1 PN, 1 DT, 2 DE, 2 LB, 2 CB, 2 S, 2 DT/LB/CB/S Flex, 1 DT/DE/LB/CB/S Flex

* Draft is 6-Day MFL Slow Auction (Aug 19-25) w/ $119.4m auction budget to resemble NFL salary cap 

* Free Agents acquired via Blind Bid

* Weighted/Balanced scoring format; i.e., all positions are valuable, and proportional to NFL value (i.e. QB > RB)

For complete details, please refer to the full league rules links above

Franchises are awarded via first-come-first-served to paying league members.

Please email me at fili (dot) mikey (at) gmail (dot) com if interested in joining our community.


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