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$80 slow auction starts midnight tonight 1 spot open (1 Viewer)


I have set up this league with the best settings to reward the best teams.The league has been around for about 6 years now, always trusted prompt payouts each year- need 1 more owner.

If you have been frustrated in a leagues where you had one of the best teams only to lose in the playoffs check out this league. The best teams throughout the 16 weeks will earn money not the teams that happen to have the best match ups during playoff weeks. Scoring determined by both total points and head to head wins.

Auction draft on MFL, slow e-bay style, planning to start on Aug 19th
I will need a paypal payment before the draft starts

Basics: 12 teams, $80 entry, no playoffs, 16 weeks of doubleheaders using a combination of head to head and total points(victory point scoring). I'm sure you have been in a league that you had one of the top teams all year only to be knocked out of the playoffs because of players being rested at the end of year or an injury, or just one fluke week. The following settings and rules are used to create the most level playing field:

Auction Draft- why have your team determined by draft order, auction style gives all owners the chance to pick the players they really want. Once most people enter an auction league they don't go back to a standard serpentine draft.

Victory Points- by using a combination of head to head and total points scoring you still have the excitement of weekly head to head match ups while also rewarding teams by the amount of points they total. If you use only total points scoring the champion can be decided early and you don't get the head to head match ups. Each week you will get 2 points for each win or 1 point for a tie. Also each week the top 4 total point scoring teams will get 4 points, the next 4 in total points scored will get 2 points, and the bottom 4 in total points will get 0 points. So each week a team will total between 0-8 victory points by their doubleheader head to head match ups and the points earned from the total points scored.

Decimal Scoring- why should you lose points because your player does not reach a certain level. Example if a player rushes for 79 yards, he earns 7.9 points, rather than just 7 points because he did not reach 80 yards. This also helps to avoid ties in scoring.

Doubleheaders- along with total points scored, doubleheaders help to create a more balanced scoring system. The odds are better for the top scoring teams to get a win having 2 games per week. Many times with 1 game per week the top 3 or 4 scoring teams play each other and you come away with a loss.

Blind Bid Waivers- all teams have an equal chance at all free agents. This also involves strategy on how much and who to bid for.

No Trades- being this is an internet league, a no trade league will take away worries of collusion.

Other information:

League Size: 12 Owners

Roster Size: 20

Starting Lineup(s):

Total of 11 starters

QB 1-2

RB 2-3

WR 2-4

TE 1-2

PK 1

DT 1

Payouts 100%:

$960 less the $89.95 league site fee which leaves $870 (A.K.A. I KEEP NOTHING)

1st Place = $500
2nd Place = $250
3rd Place = $100
Week 16 top scoring team = $20

Having a payout for week 16 should keep teams competitive throughout the year.

Payments will be mailed out after week 16 stats become finalized.

The league will be run on MFL (my fantasy league), here is the link to check out details on the scoring and league rules.

2013 league link

e-mail me at davidmac@sbcglobal.net or post here to sign up or ask any questions.

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This league has the best settings to reward the best teams:

Auction, total points and head to head scoring, blind bid waivers, no trading= no problems with teams making bad trades as the season goes on, no playoff= the best teams throughout the season earn $$$

Planning to draft slow auction (approx. 1 1/2-2 weeks) starting at midnight tonight. Please email davidmac@sbcglobal.net if interested


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